The Client

A Nigerian-based commodities trading company, specialising in the global export of high quality nuts and oils.

The Project

The Client was aiming to embark on a significant business development push inside the UK. Previous marketing activities had resulted in some brand awareness however Netune had generally been unable to reach meaningful numbers of decision-makers within target companies. Specifically, Netune needed to put their offering directly in front of individuals in senior purchasing positions within the pharmaceuticals, health/wellness and food & beverage industries.

avocado & nuts

The Solution

Following discussions with the Client it was clear that they were great candidates for Cold Email marketing – they had a well-defined understanding of their prospects and a large market to penetrate. We built a list of highly relevant prospects defined by metrics such as job title, industry & company size and crafted content that was tailored directly for the recipients in question. Emails we then sent out at scale using our proprietary automation software.

The Result

Over a 3 month period, we managed to reach 4500+ prospects and initiated 80+ sales conversations

Deal secured with top 10 UK FMCG Company!

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