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The Brains is a full service healthcare marketing agency, here to help you grow. Let us take care of your digital marketing, while you take care of your patients.

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Full service healthcare marketing solutions

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Show up high in search results when patients search for your services & boost traffic + bookings

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Instantly reach your target audience with strategic campaigns, maximizing your advertising ROI.

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Paid social

Precisely target your audience, increase brand visibility, and drive engagement and conversions

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Lead generation

Drive consistent, high-quality leads to your healthcare business through data-driven strategies.

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B2B marketing

Position your healthcare brand as an industry leader and connect with other businesses through B2B marketing strategies.

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Content marketing

Engage and educate your audience with content that showcases your expertise, builds trust, and drives conversions.

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Speak with our Brainy experts about your growth goals and challenges. We’ll be happy to have a friendly chat, and offer some helpful advice.

Get actionable advice from experts on how to grow your clinic or practice

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Why choose us for your healthcare marketing?

The Brains has helped some of the UK’s most successful healthcare clinics and companies to grow faster, sustain their growth and exceed revenue goals. Our Brainy healthcare marketing experts tap into online buying psychology, audience insights and best practice to create exceptional campaigns that turn prospective patients into lifelong clients.


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Our Brains collaborate with you, operating as a trusted extension of your marketing team. We love to brainstorm with you during the campaign planning process, and are happy to coach or support your staff as they grow.

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We focus on your growth. All Brains healthcare marketing campaigns are focused on one thing – delivering ROI. Every recommendation we make is to improve ROAS (return on advertising spend), and we ensure that no budget goes to waste.

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We’re a full service healthcare marketing agency – your Brainy account strategist will examine all marketing channels and recommend the right ones, based on your goals, audience and budget.

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You always know where you stand with us – we operate with total transparency, provide clear lines of communication and regularly report on campaign performance.

We specialise in...

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Mental health marketing

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Dental clinic marketing

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Chiropractor marketing

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Leisure centre marketing

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Medical spa marketing

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Fitness studio marketing

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Nursing home marketing

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Beauty clinic marketing

The Brainy approach to healthcare marketing

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Growing your clinic (much) faster, by zeroing in on what matters.

Our Brains collaborate with you, operating as a trusted extension of your marketing team. We love to brainstorm with you during the campaign planning process, and are happy to coach or support your staff as they grow.

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Our Brainy formula for healthcare marketing success

Our healthcare marketing campaigns are built on a brainy formula that delivers unlimited prospective clients, unparalleled growth, and impressive cost savings.

We blend data-driven content strategies with marketing automations and online buying psychology, to create compelling campaigns that attract, convert and retain clients for your practice or clinic.

Our proven approach is based on an unbeatable combination of online buying psychology, data-driven content strategy and the latest marketing automation tools.

We don’t do fluffy metrics or vague objectives – your dedicated content strategist and data analyst will carefully assess the options and formulate a campaign plan that is primed to reach, attract and convert your clients on the channels that they enjoy spending time using.

We zero in on what matters most to your target client base, by collaborating with your internal team and getting to grips with what makes your prospects tick, and what they most need from you.

Every Brains healthcare marketing campaign is run with the utmost efficiency and transparency. We stay communicative, accessible and in touch at every point of your campaign – carefully planning and executing your activity to maximise ROI and leverage opportunities to grow your client base. Learn more about The Brains, or request a free initial healthcare marketing consultation and begin your journey towards better ROI.

Flexible healthcare marketing consultancy

Our healthcare marketing consultants are happy to offer flexible services, depending on your needs and budget.

We can provide adhoc healthcare marketing consultancy, run a company workshop on best practice or set up a single campaign – however you’d like us to partner with you, we can.

Problems we solve...

How to drive local demand for your clinic or practice

How to improve online experience for your healthcare website visitors

How to gain organic traffic and boost visibility online

How to grow your healthcare clinic with a limited online advertising budget

Healthcare marketing FAQ

What is specialist healthcare marketing?

Private practices and clinics require a specialist approach to attract, retain, and regain patients. It is important to understand the needs of your prospective patient base, what competition is like in your local area and which specific services will be of the highest value to your prospects. As part of our unique healthcare marketing campaign initiation process, we will run workshops to identify your target personas, their goals, motivations, needs, and barriers to becoming a patient with you. We will then create a marketing funnel with the right channels, messages and offers to reach and convert your prospective clients. It is due to our extensive experience in healthcare marketing that we are able to apply these techniques and maximise return on investment for you.

What types of healthcare companies do you work with?

The Brains works with a wide variety of healthcare companies, generating incredible results thanks to our deep industry experience. Our client base includes:

  • Private psychiatry clinics

  • Dentistry Clinics

  • Fitness and Wellness companies

  • Private GP practices

  • And a wide range of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies

What is healthcare lead generation?

The Brains is passionate about generating high-quality leads for healthcare companies. We devise strategies that allow you to reach “leads”, or prospective patients and clients, across a wide range of channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram & Email – wherever your prospects are, we’ll find and target them in the way that will best generate returns for you.

How does healthcare lead generation work?

The Brains has developed a brainy formula for guaranteed lead building success. This involves a multi-step process, followed by our highly-experienced data scientists, content strategists and marketing automation gurus:

  1. Campaign goals are set – we agree on the campaign KPIs with you in advance, ensuring that clear goals for monthly lead volumes and cost per lead are set
  2. Personas and targeting – we workshop your ideal client, define which personas to target and what messaging will be most effective
  3. Content strategy and advertising approach – we recommend the channels, messaging and funnels that will best match your campaign ambitions, providing sample ad copy, suggested titles for supporting content and outlines for any articles being written
  4. Campaign build – we create the campaign, building out targeted ads, funnels and supporting content
  5. Test and enhance – we never stop assessing your campaigns for success, tweaking and enhancing the content and targeting to continually improve on CPL and lead volumes. Once the core channels are delivering a healthy ROI, we often add in supporting channels to build out the funnel, for example by adding email automation campaigns to increase retention rates

What marketing channels are best for my business?

The right marketing channels for your healthcare company will depend on your campaign goals and objectives, as well as your budget for paid advertising activity and content creation. Our Brains are specialists in advising healthcare companies which funnels, messaging and channels will bring them the best success. For instance, if your main goal is to increase leads and gain new patients for your practice, Google Advertising is a great way to gain low hanging fruit and generate interest. Facebook works very well as a supplementary channel, as does LinkedIn, and email marketing is an excellent way to increase retention rates. A full channel-by-channel marketing strategy will be planned on your behalf by your dedicated Brains content strategist.

How does the brains save me money on my marketing activity?

By being highly-targeted in our approach and focusing on the right messaging and channels, we are able to deliver a significant improvement in your CPL (cost per lead). We believe that marketing should always be accountable for driving revenue and that you should always be able to tie activity back to results – typically a source of significant frustration for many healthcare companies.

Meet our healthcare marketing specialists

The Brains is home to London’s best healthcare marketing specialists, with years of successful online advertising campaigns under their belts. We hand select the right specialists for your campaign, ensuring that every client is partnered with the best Brains for the job.

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Larry Kotch


Larry has helped over 400 companies with their digital strategy and has been working with healthcare companies for several years. He recently ranked #3 in B2B Marketing’s Global 30 under 30 and is a regular speaker on London’s marketing circuit. Larry loves all things lead generation and is passionate about giving healthcare companies and clinics the tools they need to see real results.

- The Brains

Jonathan Lemer


Jonathan is obsessed with running #NoBS healthcare lead generation campaigns that deliver impressive ROI every time. Prior to co-founding The Brains, Jonathan worked with the likes of the NHS as well as PepsiCo and Kraft Foods, helping them to combine strategic thinking with quality marketing assets to ultimately generate brilliant results.

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