Free 30-minute digital marketing consultation

The Brains is an award-winning digital marketing agency that helps companies grow faster.

Book a free digital marketing consultation with our senior strategists, and discover how you can generate more sales and leads through smarter marketing.

free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains

You’re just 30 minutes away from faster growth

Held back by slow leads? Stuck in a sales rut? The Brains is London’s fastest-growing ROI-focussed marketing agency, here to help you overcome growth hurdles and overtake your competitors.

Sign up for a free 30-minute marketing consultation and our senior strategists will:

  • Discuss your current marketing initiatives and goals, what’s worked well so far and what hasn’t
  • Look at potential opportunities for growth via new marketing channels, or by optimising your existing ones
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors with our expert guidance
    Recommended next steps to help you generate leads and sales

If there’s opportunity for The Brains to support you and you’d like us to explore marketing strategies with you further, a free follow-up technical call can be arranged with our specialists to discuss in more detail which marketing channels and approaches would work best for you.

Request a free 30-minute digital marketing consultation

free marketing consultation - The Brains

Discuss the benefits of partnering with a digital maketing agency with a digital marketing expert today

  • Free, no strings attached 30-min digital marketing consultation
  • Speak to real digital marketing Brains about your ambitions and goals
  • Receive recommendations to help you grow faster and improve marketing ROI

What to expect from your free consultation

During your free marketing consultation, you’ll speak with one of our most senior Brains about your company’s pain points, goals and ambitions.

We’ll talk about your company’s growth goals, how marketing’s been going to date, who your audiences and competitors are, and what you most want to achieve with your marketing, so that we can recommend the right channels and approaches for you.

Of course, we’d love nothing more than to partner with you on improving your marketing performance, but whether you choose to work with The Brains after your initial consultation is completely up to you; we’ll be excited to get started if you want us to!

free marketing consultation - The Brains

Our senior strategists are here to recommend the right growth strategy for your business

free marketing consultation - The Brains

Larry Kotch

Founder & Automation Guru

Larry has helped over 400 companies with their Digital Strategy. He recently ranked #3 in B2B Marketing’s Global 30 under 30 and is a regular speaker on London’s marketing circuit. Larry is an automation evangelist and is on a mission to empower all great businesses with the tools to generate amazing leads.

free marketing consultation - The Brains

Jonathan Lemer

Founder & Lead Legend

Jonathan is obsessed with running #NoBS marketing campaigns that deliver on commercial objects for clients and has   helped tech start-ups & FTSE 100 behemoths do just that. Prior to co-founding The Brains Jonathan worked with the likes of PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and the NHS to validate and launch new ventures.

Our Brainy Marketing Consultancy Process:

Defining the right strategy for your success

We never rush into recommending services for a new client. Our tried and tested consultancy process ensures that our Brains get to know you, your services and your sector, digging deep into the data and insights before finally recommending a joined-up strategy for your success.

It’s key that you have direct access to our senior strategists during the discovery phase, so we can ensure that irrespective of whether you want us to optimise a specific channel, manage your entire digital marketing effort or provide ad hoc consultancy, we’re confident that we can definitely meet your needs prior to engaging. 

The Brainy approach to marketing consultancy is unlike that of any other agency. It sets our partnership up for success and ensures you’re happy with the results.

free marketing consultation - The Brains
Step 1:

Free Initial Consultation

We discuss your goals, ambitions and pain points, getting to the heart of your marketing needs.

free marketing consultation - The Brains
Step 2:


Your initial consultant brings Brainy experts from aligned marketing areas to a deep dive discovery call, for further insights.

free marketing consultation - The Brains
Step 3:


We dig into your data, assessing insights and analytics to identify areas of improvement and growth.

free marketing consultation - The Brains
Step 4:

Marketing Strategy Setting

We set a bespoke marketing strategy based on your unique requirements and objectives.

Our clients

free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains
free marketing consultation - The Brains

What do clients say about us?

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Free marketing consultation FAQ

How do I book a free marketing consultation with you?

Simply fill in the form above, select your preferred meeting time and one of our senior strategists will call you at the time you specified for your consultation.

Does signing up for a free marketing consultation obligate me to use you?

Not at all. Of course, we’d love it if you did decide to use us, but there’s no pressure to do so.

Can I choose what time my marketing consultation is at?

Yes for sure, simply select the timeslot that works best for you from the options available.

I’ve never run marketing campaigns before and I don’t have any data for you to use, is that a problem?

No, we can collaborate with you to recommend the right campaign strategy based on many factors, such as your product, positioning, sector, brand and competitors.

What sort of budget do I need to work with The Brains?

We tailor bespoke marketing packages to each of our clients, but in general you can expect your monthly management fee to start at upwards of £1,500 and your monthly advertising fee to start at £1,000+. For larger campaigns, these costs can run considerably higher, but with amazing ROI of course.

Who will I be speaking with during my free consultation?

You’ll be speaking with our senior marketing strategists. We never palm you off to salespeople; we don’t have salespeople at The Brains, only Brainy marketing experts eager to help you grow faster.

What happens after my free consultation?

If it feels like The Brains could be a good fit for you as an agency partner, we’ll follow up with an explorative technical call that will include Brainy experts from areas of specialism that feel most appropriate for your business, for example, PPC, SEO, social media or email marketing Brains. We’ll then dig into your data, conduct our analysis and prepare a bespoke marketing strategy designed to help you grow, generate leads and maximise sales.

Need help or ready to speak right now?