Leading Business Loan Platform achieves 45% increase in conversions from Google Ads

The Project

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improvement in conversion rate

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up 58%

Exact match conversions

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ad groups built

The Solution


We completely restructured the account to lessen its reliance on competitive Broad and Phrase match traffic, and increase ad relevancy. We did this by applying a more granular one-keyword-per-ad-group (SKAG) setup.


Following the restructure, we had replaced 1,155 keywords within the old campaigns with 5,365 keywords – each with uniquely optimised ad copy to maximise Quality Score.


To complement the restructure we build over 75 custom landing pages to ensure the visitor’s web experience was 100% relevant to the exact term they searched. The result was a jump of 45% in conversation rate from the previous year, with 58% of spend coming through Exact match in the new structure for the same period, vs no Exact match traffic the previous year, thus improving the quality of leads generated.

This led to the client experiencing a 27% increase in new clients from the same period the previous year, but with no increase in advertising spend.

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