New Fitness and Dance studio fills 92% of classes in under 4 months

The Project

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Results after 4 months of working with us

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Return on

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dance classes booked out

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fitness classes booked out

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I can’t believe how quickly the Brains were able to get our studio to capacity!

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The Solution


We completely rebuilt the ad account structure set by the previous agency and integrated the Clinic’s CRM data into Google Analytics, so they could finally tie their marketing spend to revenue. This enabled us to focus the budget on search terms that were proven to deliver high value leads.


To increase conversion rates we built custom landing pages for each of their services, helping to personalise the Clinic’s service to potential patients. Once there was enough data in the account, we added automated scripts to run vast numbers of A/B tests that helped us to further optimise the campaign and drive down cost per lead.


After 6 months, the Studio was in a position to reinvest their profits into Facebook Ads. Whilst Google is great at ‘hoovering-up’ people who are searching for Fertility Services, Facebook is better at targeting by demographic data such as age, interests and income By ‘layering’ Facebook targeting on top of the Google Campaign were able to extend the marketing funnel, using Facebook to drive awareness and education amongst new audiences as to the benefits of using choosing the Clinic, whilst using Google to continue to drive ‘intent-based’ search volume to the Clinic’s booking page on the website.

Cost Per Lead
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Conversion rate
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