Our email marketing Brains increased leads & reduced
CPL for Eloops

The Project

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For B2B SaaS startups, the challenge is raising awareness, and convincing potential leads that your solution is best. That’s where automated, personalised content journeys come in – the right strategy generates higher quality leads at a significantly lower CPL.

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Jonathan Lemer

Marketing Automation Brain

Project Summary

  • Eloops has developed software that helps large de-centralised organisations better engage their employees globally.
  • As a start-up, the client had a modest marketing budget and limited capacity to follow-up with unqualified prospects.
  • The Brains’ marketing automation and email marketing team helped them to generate high quality leads without breaking the bank.
  • Personalised content journeys were segmented by persona, driving leads through a tailored nurturing funnel.
  • Lead scoring helped to ensure only the warmest leads were passed on to sales for contact.
  • This approach led to a significant improvement in both lead volume and quantity, as well as a lowering of CPL.
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Since we activated their email marketing campaign, our client has seen…

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300 high quality leads come through the funnel

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A reduction in CPL to £20 – significantly lower

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Several large, multinational clients onboard to the platform

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Our Objectives

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Key Results

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Over 300 software demos set up with target organisations

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Cost per lead of £20 – significantly down from previous CPL

Project Story


Email marketing promised the most reasonable cost per lead. Over a period of 4 months we emailed 15,000+ individuals across Europe and the USA, all of whom were in decision-making positions within target organisations.


We divided the prospects by persona, creating unique content for each bucket. For example, HR Leads received content that stressed the positive employee feedback the software had received, whereas Heads of Ops were targeted with messaging that highlighted the commercial benefits.

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Persona-driven email marketing is the unsung hero of lead generation campaigns. These messages, when timely, relevant and engaging, can transform a lead into a true prospect within a few quick clicks.

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Veronika Moneva

Email Marketing Lead at The Brains


We regularly analysed data from the campaign to finesse targeting, messaging and subject lines. Our work enabled the client to onboard a number of target clients including multinationals, such as EY, HP & Philips.

Because of the quality of the 300 leads that we drove, and the clever personalised nurturing funnels that they were led through, we were able to significantly improve marketing ROI for our client. As a startup, often the goal is to onboard a select number of key, high revenue clients, and in this instance we focused very much on quality of leads to help Eloops onboard a manageable number of new clients, rather than a high volume campaign. As time goes on, we continue to tweak strategies and targeting – the sky is the limit when it comes to growth!

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