Revolutionary AI exercise bike firm sees impressive boost to online presence

The Project

- The Brains
- The Brains


reduction in CPA over 3 months!

The Solution


After conducting a thorough audit of the client’s Google and Facebook accounts, as well as GA data, it became apparent that thousands of dollars had been wasted on campaigns which failed to deliver results. The tracking was not set-up properly, so conversion data on the website was not feeding back properly into the advertising accounts, preventing any kind of optimisation. We were able to infer that the client was spending more than 3x their target CPA on acquiring a customer, so there was clearly a lot of work to be done!


The first step was to set up advanced tracking across the website and app, ensuring this fed back into the ad accounts and GA. We used Google Tag Manager to do this as it allows us to be hyper-granular. We then re-built the accounts in Facebook and Google from the ground up. The bike is more expensive than other market players, so it was key to build a marketing funnel with a strong educational component in order to demonstrate the product’s USPs. Early adopters such as the biohacking community were clued up on the bike’s benefits but the mainstream exercise market would need more convincing.


We ran a number of persona workshops with the client to segment their target customers into different groups, as the funnel and messaging approach needed to be unique to each bucket. We then built content in the form of blog articles that explained the benefits of the bike as it relates to them and pre-emptively dealt with objections, for example, the proposition for time-poor mums was different to the proposition for middle aged men who wanted to lose weight. We built sophisticated remarketing funnels spanning paid social and search, for example, using Facebook/Instagram to build awareness and educate the audience and using Google to convert at the bottom of the funnel.


After 3 months, the CPA was down over 75% and the client was finally seeing a return on investment that they hadn’t thought possible previously. We then added in an email automation campaign to nuture prospects who had demonstrated interested but were yet to purchase. Like the paid campaigns, these were segmented by persona as well as stage in the buying journey. With the 3 channels working in unison the client gained predictability over sales volumes and margins, enabling them to quickly expand. We scaled the lead generation machine to target cities across the US, knowing that spending more money at the top of the funnel would result in profitable sales at the bottom.

- The Brains

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