High value lead generation for consultancy firm

The Project

- The Brains
- The Brains

Helped client on-board

multinational corporates, including M&S, AstraZeneca and RBS

- The Brains

Halved the cost

of a marketing qualified lead (MQL)

The Solution


Our solution was to build a laser-targeted LinkedIn campaign to drive relevant prospects to the client’s website. The LinkedIn advertising platform enabled us to target by company and job title so we could be super focused.


We restructured the site itself to make it more ‘conversion focused’ and built-out the content signifcantly, to educate prospects on the value-add to be gained. After studying the design of competitor campaigns, we created ads with a uniquely educational look and feel, much like the Economist, and saw click-through rates nearly double as a result. Given the client’s relatively long sales cycle – on average around 6 months – we built-out remarketing funnels to ensure that the most engaged prospects were fed interesting content at regular internvals. Once optimised, the campaign delivered a consistent source of inbound enquiries each month, enabling the client to pause less reliable marketing initiatives such as telesales and cold email outreach.

- The Brains

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