Never Worry About Your Next Lead Again

Held back by a lack of high quality leads? Optimise your marketing funnel with London’s best performance marketing agency and generate unlimited leads online.

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Our lead generation experts can help you…

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Gain More Leads

We generate unlimited leads for your business via Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and other online channels.

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Get Better Leads

We measure our campaigns by the number of qualified leads or sales delivered, to ensure your success.

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Lower Your CPL

Most clients see their cost per lead (CPL) drop by at least 40% after a couple of months of working with us.

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Discover our proven lead generation formula for unlimited growth

Unlimited Leads

Leads On Tap

Our unique lead generation formula transforms your online advertising campaigns into highly-effective customer acquisition funnels.

Developed over several years by our data scientists, marketing automators and content strategists, Leads On Tap delivers unlimited, unbeatable results.

It’s no wonder we’re London’s leading performance marketing agency.


Fancy some FREE advice?

We offer free initial marketing consultations. No pressure, just a friendly chat and some actionable advice from our digital marketing experts.

Digital marketing and lead generation services

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Lead Generation

We generate unlimited high quality leads for your business via LinkedIn, PPC, Email and Facebook.

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Online Advertising

We increase your online sales and revenue with effective PPC, social media, email and SEO campaigns.

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Content Strategy

We design dynamic content strategies that help you attract, convert and retain customers online.

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Marketing Automation

We automate your LinkedIn and email campaigns, delivering maximum results for minimum effort.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We optimise B2B and B2C websites and sales funnels, improving conversion rates.

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Marketing Consultancy

We maximise the results of your marketing activity with data-driven strategies.

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Our clients

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Client Testimonials

Meet the Brainy bunch

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Larry Kotch

Founder & Automation Guru

Larry has helped over 400 companies with their Digital Strategy. He recently ranked #3 in B2B Marketing’s Global 30 under 30 and is a regular speaker on London’s marketing circuit. Larry is an automation evangelist and is on a mission to empower all great businesses with the tools to generate amazing leads.

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Jonathan Lemer

Founder & Lead Legend

Jonathan is obsessed with running #NoBS marketing campaigns that deliver on commercial objects for clients and has   helped tech start-ups & FTSE 100 behemoths do just that. Prior to co-founding The Brains Jonathan worked with the likes of PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and the NHS to validate and launch new ventures.

Our senior leadership team

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Get our Leads on Tap system and generate unlimited leads

Have you ever wanted to solve lead generation once and for all? Imagine what you could achieve if you were able to generate the optimal amount of quality leads your business needs each month, without fail. 

The Leads on Tap system has been devised by The Brains to help you generate unlimited leads online. It's been developed through our work running hundreds of marketing campaigns for global corporates, tech start-ups, political parties, professional service firms and everything in between. 

In this guide we reveal the core pillars of the L.O.T blueprint so you can take the first steps to future-proofing your business and outgrowing your competitors. 

Digital marketing  and lead generation resources

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The Brains marketing agency FAQ

What are the core values of your marketing agency?

At The Brains, we focus on delivering brilliant results to our clients while maintaining professionalism and transparancy. Our expert teams work to generate leads by providing brainy content marketing solutions, creating compelling online ads and ensuring meticulous community management, all the while nurturing honest client relationships. We’re not your average lead generation agency – we’re your full-service digital marketing partner. 

Why do I need a marketing agency?

You don’t just need a marketing agency – you need the best marketing agency in London. Without an expertly-designed strategy, your brand may suffocate in the crowded space that is today’s online world. Our web development, lead generation, content marketing and social media solutions are your vital keys to success, and we’re here to help you decide where to start.  

How do you generate leads?

At The Brains, we generate leads with our Leads On Tap system, developed by our very own Larry Kotch. This, underpinned by a well-designed strategy, accurate data and a team of hard-working professionals, is how we succeed in generating high quality leads for every single one of our clients.

Do you offer paid advertising?

We are a full-service marketing agency, so whatever our clients need, we can provide. Our PPC campaigns include Amazon advertising, Google Shopping and Google Search advertising, and have proven to be highly rewarding for a number of our clients. Here is where you can find out more about our online advertising services.

Do you offer web design?

At The Brains, we’re proud to work with teams of experts in every field when it comes to online marketing. Our web developers and designers create slick, user-friendly sites that your customers are sure to love. Whether you’re looking for a complete rebuild or just need a landing page or two, you won’t find a more comprehensive solution anywhere else.

Can I manage my own online marketing?

Small businesses in particular often choose to manage their own online marketing strategy in an attempt to cut costs. However, a poorly implemented solution is unlikely to bring a business any revenue, so in the long run, money could be lost. With the help of an experienced, full-service agency, you can build a durable strategy that’s guarunteed to bring you traffic, high quality leads and of course, sales.

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