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The Brains is an award-winning digital marketing agency in London.
Our ROI-driven campaigns help ambitious companies grow faster.

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Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains

Award-winning digital marketing agency. Powerful ROI-driven campaigns.

The Brains is an award-winning digital marketing agency in London. We help companies grow faster, with ROI-driven
marketing campaigns that boost revenue and lower spend. 

Achieve your lead generation & sales goals faster, by partnering with our Brainy team. We won’t tie you into a long contract, or sell you services that aren’t right for your business.  

Our Brains take the time to get to know you, then craft powerful campaigns that attract and convert your target audiences.

Interested in how our digital marketing services can help you grow faster? Book a free consultation – we can’t wait to meet you.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Our Brains can help you…

Marketing agency - The Brains

Reach the right audiences

Our Brainy strategists identify the right target audiences for your campaigns and know how to attract & convert them.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Optimise your marketing

Not getting the ROI you want from your marketing campaigns? We can help you extract the biggest marketing buck from every penny invested 

Marketing agency - The Brains

Solve tricky problems

We can support your in-house marketing teams as a consultant to finally solve those complex tracking or conversion issues

Request a Free 30-Minute Marketing Consultation

Marketing agency - The Brains

Let us help you grow faster, boost ROI & generate sales

  • Free, no strings attached 30-min consultation
  • Speak to real marketing Brains about your ambitions and goals
  • Receive recommendations to help you grow faster and improve ROI

Digital marketing agency services

Marketing agency - The Brains

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Boost your bottom line with conversion-driving SEO campaigns.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)

Maximise the ROI of your paid advertising campaigns with award-winning PPC.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Digital marketing consultancy

Our digital marketing consultants help you achieve your growth goals.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Social media advertising

Increase traffic and drive revenue with persona-led social media advertising.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Email marketing & CRM

Nurture prospects further down the funnel and re-engage customers.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Website design & development

Fix CRO and UX issues, improve website layout and drive more conversions.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Talk to us – we can tailor a digital marketing package to suit you.


Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains
Marketing agency - The Brains


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Why choose The Brains as your digital marketing agency partner?

When The Brains was founded by Jonathan Lemer and Larry Kotch in 2017 we had one simple mission – make marketing more cost-effective.

Since then we’ve helped hundreds of clients across many sectors to improve ROAS (return on advertising spend), boost revenue and maximise sales. 

The Brains’ clients benefit from better leads, more sales and increased ROI. Every client has a dedicated, senior account strategist and a team of expert marketeers laser-focused on the success of their campaigns.

Whether you’re just starting out with PPC, optimising your website for conversions or looking to enhance your SEO strategy, our Brains will make your marketing more cost-effective and help you to grow faster.

Our Brains are:

Marketing agency - The Brains

Successful. Our award-winning campaigns boost ROI & improve CPA for hundreds of businesses, from B2Bs to ecommerce & healthcare firms.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Smart. Our unique approach to digital marketing balances the creative with the analytical, tapping into audience & industry insights.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Trustworthy. We value your trust in us and do our utmost to honour it. Your dedicated strategist and account management team will keep you in the loop on campaign performance, and be available for support.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Flexible. The Brains won’t tie you in with a long contract. We’re confident you’ll want to keep using us, in whatever way works best for you. Consultancy, retainer, SLA – all are an option.

Brainy by name, Brainy by nature:

Meet the minds behind the marketing campaigns

The Brains is a leading London marketing agency founded by Brainiacs and fuelled by mind power. Our Brains have years of industry experience and hundreds of successful campaigns under their belts. Each Brain in our collective brings with them a wealth of expertise and a phenomenal skillset.

Our Brains come from successful London marketing agencies, leading ecommerce companies and brilliant B2B businesses, bringing with them an incredible blend of creativity, analytical thinking and insight.

Becoming a Brain isn’t easy; we rigorously vet the skillset, mindset and people skills of all our people. Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out our latest vacancies!

The Brains behind our operation


Once upon a time, our co-founders Larry and Jonathan met at a Venture Capital event in London. Two countries, three offices and 150 clients later, here we are.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Larry Kotch

Founder & Automation Guru

Larry has helped over 400 companies with their Digital Strategy. He recently ranked #3 in B2B Marketing’s Global 30 under 30 and is a regular speaker on London’s marketing circuit. Larry is an automation evangelist and is on a mission to empower all great businesses with the tools to generate amazing leads.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Jonathan Lemer

Founder & Lead Legend

Jonathan is obsessed with running #NoBS marketing campaigns that deliver on commercial objects for clients and has   helped tech start-ups & FTSE 100 behemoths do just that. Prior to co-founding The Brains Jonathan worked with the likes of PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and the NHS to validate and launch new ventures.

Our senior leadership team

Our Brainy marketing agency ethos

Marketing agency - The Brains

The Brains is a collective of brilliant marketers, data-analysts, technicians and strategists, coming together to deliver unbeatable ROI for fast-growth companies.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Our digital marketing agency is built differently, with dedicated senior strategists at the helm of each campaign.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Whether you want to maximise the ROI of your PPC campaigns, generate conversion-driving SEO traffic, or implement a new lead generation campaign, we can help.

Marketing agency - The Brains

We’re passionate about over-delivering and are fully committed to the success of our clients’ campaigns; often going above and beyond to make sure results are exceptional.

Marketing agency - The Brains

With hundreds of successful campaigns and several major awards under our belts, we’ve accomplished a lot in just six years. We may not be the most established digital agency in London (yet), but we’re certainly the most ambitious.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Our core values

Marketing agency - The Brains

Total transparency

The best relationships are based on trust and transparency. That’s why our clients always know exactly what’s happening with their campaigns.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Clear communication

Each client has a dedicated account manager who acts as a single point of contact and is always happy to help. All clients get monthly reports and regular check-ins.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Dedicated to your success

No other agency is quite as passionate about your success as The Brains. We pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable results and won’t rest until your campaign is over-delivering on ROAS.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Flexible, collaborative relationships

We will never tie you into an agreement that doesn’t feel right to you. Our priority is to foster positive client relationships that are beneficial for all parties.

Fancy some free advice from the Brainiest digital marketing agency in London? Why not book a call? We’re always happy to help.

Digital marketing agency resources

Marketing agency - The Brains

The Brains Blog

Our digital marketing blog is full of helpful articles about marketing strategy, campaign management and more.

Marketing agency - The Brains

Brainy Marketing YouTube Videos

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation training videos from Larry & Jonathan.

Marketing agency - The Brains


Download our latest digital marketing eBooks, for in-depth advice on advanced areas of online advertising.

Our latest digital marketing blog posts

The Brains marketing agency FAQs

What kind of marketing agency is The Brains?

The Brains is an ROI-driven digital marketing agency in London that provides joined up, multi channel services, from SEO and PPC to email Marketing Services and Social Media advertising. We analyse the behaviours and preferences of your target audiences before recommending the right channels and approaches for your campaigns. Whether you’re looking to boost ROI, increase CLV or bring down your CPAs, our Brains can help.

Which digital marketing agency services do you offer?

The Brains is a full service digital marketing agency. We conduct indepth strategy workshops with your team to determine the right approach and channels for your business, then recommend the right marketing mix based on your budget, goals and audiences. We provide a whole host of marketing services, including:

Not sure which services you need? No problem – we offer a free initial consultation in which to discuss your digital marketing requirements.

What happens during the free initial marketing consultation?

The Brains offers a free initial digital marketing consultation to all prospective clients. During this 1 hour session we discuss your needs, objectives, requirements and budget, carefully assessing which approach will be right for you and help you to achieve your ambitions. You’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete and given the free, expert advice you need to make an informed decision about whether we’re the right digital agency for you.

What makes The Brains one of the best digital marketing agencies in London?

The Brains was founded by award-winning entrepreneurs who had grown frustrated with the lack of available digital marketing services for fast-growth companies. We exist to help you grow faster, and our proven techniques are pioneering, disruptive and incredibly effective. We take the time to get to the root of your growth problems, identify what’s holding you back from achieving your ambitions, and directly address any issues that could hamper the performance of your campaigns.

Our Brains have been carefully selected for their proven expertise in key areas of digital marketing. Our senior strategists have at least ten years of industry experience in their specialisms, making them incredibly qualified to help your company grow faster with smart digital marketing strategies. Our dedicated account strategists are trained in all areas of campaign strategy, management, optimisation and reporting, and have regular check-ins with our seniors.

If you’re looking to partner with the Brainest digital marketing agency in London and benefit from the advisory services of true specialists, we can help you optimise ROI for your campaigns and supercharge your company’s growth trajectory.

Which sectors do you specialise in?

The Brains is a collective of digital marketing strategists with vast experience across a wide range of sectors. Because our skill set and expertise is diverse, we are able to provide ROI-beating digital marketing services that span a wide range of sectors, including:

More about our sector specialisms

How do you partner with clients?

We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. Our team often operate as an extension of our clients’ internal marketing teams, supplementing skill sets, supporting on campaign strategy and taking on the time-intensive work that otherwise eats up too much of your time. We are flexible and happy to work on mutually beneficial terms that complement your approach – some clients prefer an adhoc set of hours to be used flexibly across areas, while others enjoy workshopping, brainstorming and idea sharing within a set monthly retainer. Whatever your requirements or preferred working style, we’ll be as hands on (or off) as you like.

What is it like to partner with The Brains?

Our clients often tell us they appreciate how flexible, approachable and friendly we are. As a digital agency that prides itself on transparency, we never hide behind vagaries or bamboozle you with long-winded reports and unnecessary jargon.

When you partner with us, you will benefit from:

  • A flexible, fun and collaborative partnership
  • Convenient payment terms and quarterly contracts (no long or complex tie-ins)
  • Access to the best and brightest digital marketing Brains in the business
  • Clear, honest and transparent reporting, every month, without fail

We’d be delighted to speak with you further about a possible partnership and get to know you better – simply request a free marketing consultation and we’ll be in touch!

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