200,000+ app downloads for ETFMatic with SEO, digital PR & social marketing

The Project

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- The Brains

The Brains have done great work for us and helped us transition from startup to industry leader. Would highly recommend!


Founder at ETFmatic

Project Summary

  • The Brains were asked to help the company grow into the dominant European Robo Advisory scene
  • Using a combination of SEO techniques, social media, digital PR and sponsored content, our teams increased brand awareness and led ETFmatic to become one of Europe’s most popular apps in the space
  • Our strategic approach led to over 200,000 app downloads in just a few short months
- The Brains

Since we started their social marketing, our client has seen…

- The Brains

200,000+ app downloads

- The Brains

Significant, sustained growth

- The Brains

Strong ROI from campaigns

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Our Objectives

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Key Results

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app downloads

Project Story


ETFmatic approached us looking to supercharge their audience engagement. We started this project without having an established customer base, and there was also very little in the way of marketing insights from previous efforts. In this scenario, we really were going in blind, and it took longer than usual before we could come up with personas and start to put together a strategy.


In the end, using a combination of SEO, digital PR and sponsored content, The Brains was able to get the company into pole position on the App store. ETFmatic was also featured in a selection of prominent financial publications and re-shared on social media, leading many retail investors to sign-up for either free practice accounts or to commit money for management.


Since the company was only recently FCA regulated, we had to keep in mind that it was important to acquire new users of the service without direct solicitation. This was in line with the FCA regulations.

Our work with ETFmatic eventually led them to become one of the most popular Robo-Advisory apps in Europe, with over 200,000 downloads after just a few short months of marketing efforts from our talented teams.

- The Brains

A key element that the client wanted us to keep in mind while designing was to ensure the site didn’t look to femenine. Sometimes when you design using skin tones it can come across this way, so we changed the main brand colour to keep it gender neutral, inviting and inclusive.

Sam Lyon

Digital PR Expert at The Brains


ETFmatic gave The Brains the opportunity to experiment and see the potential of combined SEO and sponsored content. We took some fantastic learnings from this project, and are happy to say that we were able to help the client achieve exceptional ROI!

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