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Our SEO copywriting services help you climb above your competitors in the race to the top of Google. Whether you need SEO optimised blogs, landing pages, articles or product pages, our expert copywriters can help.

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“Anyone can stuff some keywords into an article and call it SEO copywriting. Truly effective content optimisation takes skill, patience and a deep knowledge of how search engines think, as well as a heart for the end user. ”

– Charly Chow, Head of Content & SEO


The Brains has produced engaging, highly targeted SEO content for hundreds of happy clients. Our user-centric SEO content campaigns are designed with your target audience’s goals and interests in mind, ensuring that you see improvements in organic traffic, rankings and conversions from SEO as a channel when partnering with us. We work with you to understand the goals of your content campaign, and the barriers that have prevented you from seeing the kind of success you’d expect from organic search in the past, then craft a killer SEO content strategy that delivers on all fronts.

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  • Reporting for every client to ensure continuous improvement
seo copywriting - The Brains

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Powerful SEO copywriting from London’s leading search engine marketers

Search Engine Optimisation can take years to master, and it also takes time, money and skill to get it right and see results. While businesses first need strategy and a significant budget to get started, powerful SEO copywriting is just as important if they’re to succeed in such a competitive space.

Well-optimised, conversion-driving copy is at the heart of every SEO marketing campaign – success hinges on well-written and masterfully optimised landing pages, meta descriptions, headers, ads and email marketing – all of which is part of our full-service offering here at The Brains.

seo copywriting - The Brains
seo copywriting - The Brains

Writing for users and pleasing Google – how our copy climbs the rankings

SEO copywriting is about producing content that users love and Google can access and understand. On top of this, the copy also has to be relevant to your brand and directed at your target audience. Combining all aspects of masterful SEO copywriting to get the balance right can be a challenge, but there’s no question that our teams have what it takes. Here are the main steps we take to ensure our SEO copywriting campaigns tick all the boxes for our clients (and for Google):

  • Extensive research
    Whether it’s research into the client’s branding, keywords, competitor content or the target audience of the specific topics that are to be included in the content, knowledge is key. Making sure we conduct research into each piece of content we write is always the first step for our analysts and copywriters, as it helps the teams to understand the purpose behind the writing and, once keywords a content strategy have been confirmed, allows our writers to become experts in the subject area before they begin.
  • Briefing and strategising
    Our transparent approach to marketing means that we always work collaboratively with our clients to come up with the content strategy and ideas for any optimised content. We hold sessions early on in the partnership to finalise personas, blog or lead magnet titles and any other specifics. From there, our strategists create detailed briefs for our copywriters and the content is soon on its way to review.

  • Content creation
    With research and briefs in hand, our SEO copywriting experts get to work crafting exceptional content for your website and/or across your social channels. Writers will focus on the keyword strategy as well as the headers and meta tags, making sure to demonstrate to Google that the content is relevant and full of new, interesting information.Our transparent approach to marketing means that we always work collaboratively with our clients to come up with the content strategy and ideas for any optimised content. We hold sessions early on in the partnership to finalise personas, blog or lead magnet titles and any other specifics. From there, our strategists create detailed briefs for our copywriters and the content is soon on its way to review.
  • Reviews and reporting
    We always make sure our clients review each piece of content we produce to keep things in line with the overall tone, messaging and branding of the company. Once content has been approved, we produce detailed reports each month to give a clear overview of the campaign’s performance, allowing us to find room for tweaks and improvements every step of the way.
seo copywriting - The Brains
seo copywriting - The Brains

Think like Google

As you’ll know by now, there are a number of things an SEO copywriter has to consider when constructing a piece of content in order for it to have the best chance of ranking high in the search results. But, in addition to relevancy and overall quality of the content, what exactly is Google looking for?

Signs of a well-optimised page, in Google’s eyes, include:

  • Social shares and other interactions such as likes and comments
  • A low bounce rate
  • A good CTR (click through rate)
  • A diverse and high-quality link profile

At The Brains, our SEO copywriters have had years of experience creating and optimising content that soars up the search engine rankings. Book a call with us today to see how we can help your business thrive.

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Our Facebook, email and LinkedIn lead generation services have helped hundreds of businesses to grow faster.

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Our marketing automation services make it easier for you to manage campaigns and data.

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Our CRO specialists identify ways to improve your website and drive more conversions.

SEO copywriting services FAQ

Why is copywriting important for SEO?

A business without quality, well-optimised content is unlikely to get very far in today’s online world. In order to succeed digitally and appear high in the search rankings for relevant keywords, content must be written with specific users in mind, displaying knowledge and authority.

Great optimised content should do more than just secure your place in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It should also entice your prospects into considering your brand, and, ideally, convert them into loyal customers. Keeping an eye on your conversion rate and aiming for a good traffic-to-conversion ratio is key to our SEO content strategy for all clients.

What kind of assets can The Brains’ SEO copywriters produce?

Our content marketing experts are highly skilled in all areas of digital content production and just so happen to have a particular passion for SEO! Here are some of the assets we have produced for clients in the past, but if you’d like to enquire about something more specific, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Buying guides
  • How tos
  • FAQs
  • Product descriptions
  • Meta data – titles and descriptions 
  • Category pages
  • Technical content – whitepapers, ebooks and long form articles


What makes you stand out from other SEO copywriting agencies?

One of the ways in which The Brains stands out from other SEO copywriting services is that we always ensure we know our clients’ product offerings inside out before we start a campaign. Our analysts and research teams collate all necessary information and work in collaboration with clients to ensure nothing is left out or misinterpreted. This makes for fewer amends to the SEO copywriting work and a faster turnaround overall.

Can’t I do my own SEO copywriting?

Nobody’s stopping you! But we can’t recommend trying to write your own SEO content. Firsty, you need to conduct vast amounts of keyword research before you even get started, and that involves a lot of time that you might not have as a business owner. Effective SEO copywriting also requires knowledge of Google’s algorithms and awareness of other technical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. Seeking SEO copywriting services is much quicker, and therefore more cost-effective, than trying to optimise your content without expert guidance.

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