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Want to generate unlimited leads for your business and save up to 50% on advertising costs, without lifting a finger? The Brains specialises in automated lead generation campaigns for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and email. Speak with us today about how we can help you grow faster.

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Average Results for Lead Generation Marketing Campaigns

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We Can Help You…

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Gain More Leads

Tap into an unlimited pool of high quality leads and never worry about where you’ll find new clients again.

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Get Better Leads

We deliver high quality leads that are primed and ready to convert, by scoring and nurturing your leads.

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Manage Your Leads

We’ll deliver your leads to your sales team in real-time and in whatever format you ask for.

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Lead Generation FAQ

What are Lead Generation Services?

Lead generation services are vital for any business looking to improve its online marketing strategy. Lead generation itself is the practice of creating a targeted marketing campaign designed to attract a specific type of high-value potential client or customer and to guide them through a marketing funnel. These campaigns are very focused on driving return on investment and are measured by the quantity and quality of leads delivered, as well as the cost per lead, or CPL.

How is a Lead Generation Campaign Different from a Traditional Marketing Campaign?

Lead generation campaigns are laser-focused on delivering prospects and guiding them through a targeted messaging funnel. Softer metrics, such as engagement rates or brand visibility, do not apply. The main goal of a lead generation campaign is to introduce new prospects to the company and to ensure those prospects are likely to convert and be of high value. Lists are built of prospects based on factors such as location, age, job title, income, interests, and affiliations. Exclusions are applied for any prospects that do not match the targeting criteria before the campaign goes live. A series of highly strategic steps are taken to ensure the campaign delivers ROI (return on investment) for the company.

What Steps are Involved in Setting Up a Campaign with a Lead Generation agency?

The Brains has developed a unique formula for guaranteed lead building success. This involves a multi-step process, followed by our highly experienced data scientists, content strategists and marketing automation gurus:


  1. Campaign goals are set – we agree on the campaign KPIs with you in advance, ensuring that clear goals for monthly lead volumes and cost per lead are set
  2. Personas and targeting – we workshop your ideal client/customer, define which personas to target and build targeted lists for the channels your campaign will run on
  3. Content strategy and advertising approach – we recommend the channels, messaging and funnels that will best match your campaign ambitions, providing sample ad copy, suggested titles for supporting content and outlines for any articles being written
  4. Campaign build – we create the campaign, building out targeted lists, funnels and supporting content and launching activity on your preferred channels
  5. Test and enhance – we never stop assessing your campaigns for success, tweaking and enhancing the content and targeting to continually improve on CPL and lead volumes

Which Channels Can I Run Lead Generation Campaigns On?

There are three main channels that The Brains run lead generation campaigns on; Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. Depending on your goals, target audience, and budget, we will recommend the right mix of channels for your campaign. Clients typically combine two or three channels to ensure maximum coverage for their campaigns, with retargeting messaging and follow up nurturing emails being a key component of any lead generation campaign we run.

How Do I Know if Lead Generation Is The Right Marketing Strategy For My Business?

Larry, our co-founder, is a firm believer that all growth problems stem from poor lead generation. If your business is suffering from a lack of clients/customers, slow growth, or a stall in profits, a targeted campaign from a respected lead generation agency is the right way to go. If you’re growing at a moderate pace, lead generation is the most effective way to gain faster growth and more revenue.

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