Education leader expands new iniative across multiple geographies

The Project

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Results after 4 months of working with us

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return on investment

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tests completed

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CPA reduced by


over first 3 months

The Solution


The client had run previous social campaigns with minimal budget and not seen strong results. With little data to build on, we gathered data and established benchmarks. Our strategy was to onboard people to take the 15 min test and then upsell them on the longer test afterwards.


After 10,000 tests were complete we analysed the initial data and restructured the campaign accordingly. The campaign was run across 5 different countries and users behaved differently in each geography, so it was important to keep the data clean and not cross-contaminate look-alike audiences.


With KPIs established, we then optimised against cost per test and cost per acquisition. After 6 months, the client had a 4.3x return on investment and was able to roll the test out to an additional 7 countries.

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