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The Brains is an award-winning web design and development agency out of London. We build & optimise conversion-driving websites that generate traffic, sales and leads. Need a new website? Speak to our experts today.

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Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains

“Your website is your shop window. The Brains’ website design and development services include careful research, top quality design and robust, sustainable development, to ensure your new website design does your brand justice.”

– Yuliya Kostadinova, Head of Website Development and Design at The Brains

Web design and development services that boost revenue and traffic

  • The Brains is an award-winning web design agency out of London. We’ve designed and built hundreds of bespoke websites that have boosted revenue, increased web traffic and generated unbeatable ROI for our clients.
  • Whether you need us to optimise an existing website or build you a new website entirely from scratch, our expert designers and developers can help.
  • We offer a range of web design and development services to help our clients improve UX, CR and SEO.
  • We keep tabs on every industry update to help us provide a forward-thinking web design and development service.
Website design agency london - The Brains

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The Brainiest web design agency in London

Website design agency london - The Brains

The Brains builds bespoke websites that bring brands to life and boost revenue. Our web design and development services include:

When it comes to web design, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Every website we build is unique and tailored to the specific requirements of each client and target audience. Our web design agency pride ourselves on creating stylish, sleek websites that provide a first-class user experience and a seamless conversion journey to help our clients grow their business online.

Before we start the web design process, we’ll analyse your target audience to identify their needs and motivations. With this information, we build bespoke websites that generate conversions and encourage users to return again and again.

Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains

Optimise and improve your website with a leading web design agency

If your existing website isn’t performing quite as well as you’d like it to, The Brains can help you identify any issues and provide solutions that will help get you back on track. Whether you’re struggling to generate leads, improve your search engine rankings, increase your web traffic, or communicate your brand message, our Brainy experts can provide specialist solutions. As a leading web design agency out of London, we take pride in creating websites that are designed to convert.

Web design services that boost organic traffic and increase lead generation

Lead generation is the heart and soul of any business, and it’s vital that your website is optimised to acquire new leads. The Brains is a specialist website design and development agency that focuses on driving better ROI for our clients. We can help optimise your website so that you can turn prospects into high-quality leads.

Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains

Websites built from the ground up for SEO

If your website isn’t getting the organic traffic it deserves and your competition is ranking higher than you in the search engine results pages, your SEO strategy might need a few tweaks. Our in-house SEO specialists can provide technical SEO support to help get your website further up the rankings and increase organic traffic.

Bespoke PPC landing pages optimised to drive conversions and boost campaign performance

Our website optimisation experts produce high performing PPC landing pages that boost campaign performance and ROI. We know how to structure the perfect PPC landing page to drive conversions, maximise revenue and ensure the success of your PPC campaigns.

Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains

Website content strategy

The content on your website and the message it conveys plays a big role in how users experience and interact with your website. The types of content you produce can be a big deciding factor on whether visitors choose to convert or look elsewhere. Our website content specialists can help communicate your brand message and appeal to the unique motivations of your target audience.

Boost your eCommerce sales with a website design that boosts conversions

If you’re an eCommerce business looking to create a new website or make alterations to an existing one, we can help plan and produce a scalable solution that will help boost your sales.

At The Brains, we design eCommerce websites that look outstanding and drive conversions. We design and develop sites centred around an optimal user experience, creating purchase journeys that are fully optimised for sales and conversions. Our design and development team works side by side with our expert marketing staff to develop strategies that encourage users to make purchases and come back for repeat purchases. Our web design agency adopt a multi pronged approach considering a variety of web design services to ensure optimal opportunity for sales and conversions.

Website design agency london - The Brains
Website design agency london - The Brains

Modern, mobile-friendly website design

An optimal mobile experience is crucial if you want to rank highly on search engines nowadays. The Brains are experts in mobile-friendly web design. Our web design agency takes pride in creating stylish, user-friendly, conversion driving websites that look great on both desktop and mobile whilst maintaining full functinoality and style. We ensure all of our websites look great on every screen size, perform well and have great CWVs (core web vitals), so that users can comfortably interact and convert on smartphones big and small.

Website design and development services FAQ

What is website design and development?

Web design and development refers to the overarching project of planning and building a website – while web design is more focused on the aesthetic layout and user experience (UX). Web development focuses on what goes on behind the scenes to make sure the website functions correctly.

How much does it cost to build a website?

There is no fixed answer to this question as many things determine the cost of a website:

  • Size
  • Scale
  • Template fees
  • Web design and development agency fees
  • Maintenance costs

If you’re looking to build a website, The Brains can help design and develop one that’s tailored to the needs of your business. We’ll provide scalable solutions that match your budget to help boost your revenue, increase traffic and maximise your ROI.

Can I use templates to build my own website?

While templates might seem like the cheapest and easiest solution when it comes to building a website, we know from experience that they don’t perform as well as bespoke websites. Although templates are less expensive upfront, they often lack personability, usability and fail to produce high-quality ROI.

By using a bespoke web design and development agency, you get the opportunity to create a website capable of meeting your target audience’s exact needs to encourage them to convert and become returning customers.

Does The Brains offer other services apart from web design and development?

The Brains is a full-service digital agency that helps businesses grow and increase their revenue using a wide range of digital services, including:

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Website design agency london - The Brains

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