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Convert your website visitors into customers with retargeting ads services from The Brains. Our Brainy retargeting experts run highly effective Facebook, Google ads and LinkedIn campaigns to boost your ROI.

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Retargeting ads - The Brains
Retargeting ads - The Brains

“Retargeting ads give you a second chance to impress a potential buyer. Done right, they can bring back leads that slipped through your fingers the first time round!”

– Mike Moodie, Retargeting ads specialist, The Brains

Create a retargeting ads campaign on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn with a leading remarketing agency

  • The Brains is London’s leading retargeting agency with hundreds of highly successful retargeting campaigns running across Facebook, Google and LinkedIn
  • Our campaigns help you to re-establish contact with prospects at varying stages in the buying journey, helping you to advertise new products, deals and services to increase sales.
  • You can lower your marketing costs by letting The Brains do what we do best – create and retarget good-quality leads that will return and purchase from you again and again.
  • Our expert CRO (conversion rate optimisation) consultants will help redesign your buyer’s journey to maximise conversions once your target audience arrives on your landing page.
  • We set realistic goals and KPIs based on your budget, to ensure that you see the best results possible based on your spend.
  • No long-term contracts or hidden agendas – we provide regular reports so you’ll always know how your retargeting ads campaigns are performing.
Retargeting ads - The Brains

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Retargeting ads at The Brains

Retargeting is an important aspect of any PPC campaign or Leads On Tap lead generation activity – nobody likes to throw away potential leads! Quality leads truly are the lifeblood of any business, and you can nurture prospects who previously engaged with your ads but have yet to convert, with effective retargeting campaigns. You need a remarketing agency that utilises Brainy techniques, data insights and effective retargeting strategies to capitalise on potential leads.

Retargeting ads allow you to catch any potential prospects that might have dropped out of your marketing funnels mid way through the buyer’s journey. Whether they browsed your service offerings, clicked through to your main sales page or added to cart but didn’t fully convert, retargeting ads on Google, LinkedIn or Facebook can be a real game changer.

Retargeting ads - The Brains
Retargeting ads - The Brains

Retargeting is something we value very highly here at The Brains, and our PPC experts and retargeting ads copywriters have had years of experience creating successful retargeting campaigns for our clients. Our remarketing agency understand the vast potential for revenue that retargeting ads can bring – key benefits of retargeting ads include:

  • Leads who have already purchased from you and are familiar with your business are likely to return for future purchases.
  • Encouraging a previous potential prospect to return may end up costing less than paid search marketing or other tactics that focus on generating new leads.
  • If you’re spending less on attracting new customers, your ROI is inevitably going to get better!

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn retargeting strategies

Google ads retargeting

Google ads retargeting is arguably the most popular form of retargeting, but can also be an extremely competitive channel. With expert research and data analysis however, retargeting using Google ads can make a serious impact when it comes to your conversions.

Retargeting ads - The Brains
Retargeting ads - The Brains

Once a prospect has either purchased from you or shown an interest in what you have to offer, your ads will begin to show on websites that have opted into Google’s Ad Sense program – it’s a relatively straightforward process once the targeting research has been done, and it has proven to yield excellent results for many of our clients. One of the main benefits of Google retargeting ads is that they don’t just have to be text-based; you can also use graphics and images for advertising your product or services!

Google describes their ad service as “converting regular window-shoppers into buyers… With retargeting ads, your brand and products stay at the forefront of past visitors’ minds”. At The Brains, we use Google retargeting ads in conjunction with other digital marketing services to give our clients the best chance of retaining quality leads and generating more conversions.

Facebook retargeting

Much like Google retargeting ads, Facebook ads retargeting shows your advertisements to potential customers who have shown previous interest, encouraging them to finally convert. However, there are a few minor differences that make Facebook retargeting ads quite unique:

  • App activity: if a potential lead leaves an abandoned cart on your app, you can retarget them with that specific product on the Facebook app.
  • Customer lists: you can create targeted lists based on people you think will purchase from you. This data can be automatically uploaded to Facebook (email addresses, Facebook ID’s, or even phone numbers), and Facebook will send your ads to them directly.

With over 2.8 billion users worldwide, our remarketing agency understand the potential to reach past and potential customers is enormous. We highly recommend that any business looking to carry out a successful retargeting campaign considers using Facebook (with the help of a specialist retargeting agency) for their ads!

Retargeting ads - The Brains
Retargeting ads - The Brains

LinkedIn retargeting

LinkedIn retargeting ads work in a similar way to Facebook and Google. Paid ads will re-engage audiences who have visited your website or shown interest on your LinkedIn social profile. On LinkedIn, you can choose to retarget by website, video ads or lead gen forms.

Businesses choosing to advertise on LinkedIn are likely to already have a set target audience in mind, as it is primarily a B2B platform. However, retargeting ads on LinkedIn can further funnel your audience, filtering by various demographics, interests and industries, helping you to find the ideal prospect and encourage them to convert.


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Retargeting ads - The Brains

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Retargeting ads - The Brains

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Retargeting ads services FAQ

Why are retargeting ads so important?

Think of your website as a shop; you always want to bring in new customers and grow your audience, but it’s your returning customers who really keep you afloat. By carrying out effective retargeting ads campaigns you can:

  • Maintain a steady revenue and impressive ROI.
  • Increase the quality of your leads and ensure consistent targeting.
  • Have quantitative data provided by either Google, Facebook or LinkedIn to see how your campaigns are performing.

How do retargeting ads work?

Retargeting ads work by tracking cookies of users who have either:

  • Purchased from your site.
  • Been onto your site and left an abandoned cart.
  • Shown any interest in the products or services that you offer.

For a retargeting campaign to be successful, you’ll need to have done extensive research across your marketing channels to determine how to best find and target potential leads. You will also need to produce compelling ad copy or visuals and set up a budget for every campaign. At The Brains, we can tackle all of this for you and provide monthly reports to track progress.

The key focus of retargeting is to nurture prospective leads and encourage them to convert, either for the first time or following a purchase. Retargeting should also increase ROI, as you’ll be reducing your marketing costs since prospects will already be familiar with the products or services you offer.

Speak to one of our retargeting agency experts for free and find out more about how we can set up a retargeting ads campaign for your business.

Is retargeting the same as remarketing?

No. Retargeting primarily uses paid ads to re-engage audiences who have visited a website or shown interest across social profiles. This is usually done via Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. Remarketing on the other hand, primarily uses email to re-engage past customers who have already done business with the brand. The two are similar in terms of goals and functionality, but different when it comes to channels. If you’re interested in email remarketing, take a look at our email marketing page or speak to one of our experts.

What makes you stand out from other retargeting agencies?

As a data-driven retargeting agency, we can guarantee that we won’t waste any of your budget on strategies that we don’t believe will deliver incredible results. Our teams have had years of experience in the industry and have worked on multiple retargeting campaigns across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, so we’ll be able to assist no matter where you want to focus your efforts.

At The Brains, we understand the importance of lead generation and the long-term benefits quality leads can bring to a business. With retargeting, you can optimise your online presence and take every opportunity to generate conversions.

If you want to know more about how The Brains can help develop your next retargeting campaign to help boost revenue and increase ROI, speak to one of our experts today.

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Retargeting ads - The Brains

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