Delivering 4.5x ROI for one of London’s most high-end tea rooms

The Project

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Knowing your audience is about more than understanding why they might want to purchase from you. Effective marketing strategies take a prospect’s lifestyle, habits and ambitions all into account.

Charly Chow

Charly Chow

Strategy Director at The Brains

Project Summary

  • We began our partnership with L’Eto by diving into their existing consumers and figuring out what they loved about the brand
  • From there, we conducted additional audience research to locate people with similar characteristics and expand the client’s reach online
  • Our award-winning paid social Brains then set to work creating Facebook and Instagram campaigns for the client, engaging prospects with enticing ads and offers
  • We then added an additional, location-based layer to the campaign, targeting people situated nearby the individual tea rooms
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After 3 months of working with us, the client saw…

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Decrease in cost per sale

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Return on marketing spend

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Our Objectives

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Project Story


After some initial discussions and workshopping with the client, we decided our solution would be to run a Facebook & Instagram campaign aimed at engaging both L’Eto’s existing community, and more importantly, new potential customers.


The first step was to analyse the client’s existing customers and use metrics such as age, gender, income, interests & purchasing behaviour to create new audiences to market to. Ensuring that these new audiences had similar characteristics to the client’s existing customers was vital as this would ensure the prospects would be in the correct financial position to purchase.

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Attracting leads is only useful for your business if those leads are ready to convert. Establishing and testing various audiences can completely transform the success of your campaign.

Nadya Kosseva

Paid Search Executive at The Brains


Once the primary audiences were established and the campaigns had started to see results, we consulted with the client and decided to layer the campaign even further. For this second stage, we targeted people located near the client’s individual London cafés, featuring local offers and promotions.

After just a few months, our work has enabled the client to not only upsell to existing customers, but also make a brand new audience aware of their unique (and delicious) offerings!

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