Our paid search Brains generated 15% more sales month-on-month for a designer shoe brand

The Project

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Being able to define your audience is a key driver of success for most marketing campaigns. If you’re advertising to the wrong people, you’ll get nowhere.

Lenka Stefanakova

Senior Account Strategist for PPC at The Brains

Project Summary

  • We began our project with the client by collaborating on a workshop to define the campaign goals, the client’s vision for the ads, and of course, the target personas
  • Our award-winning PPC Brains set up a paid search campaign across Google and Bing
  • We used a strategic funnel-based marketing approach to ensure each prospect had the best chance of converting
  • We later optimised some of the core landing pages on the site to help improve conversion rates
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After 4 months of working with us, the client saw…

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5.5x return on investment

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CPL down from £120 to £35.

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Our Objectives

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Project Story


After conducting an initial workshop to define an approach, The Brains set to work executing a paid search campaign across Google and Bing. To ensure the targeting was as precise as possible, we used existing customer data to build audiences that would be most likely to purchase the product, and also targeted the wealthiest postcodes in the country. Once we released the first ad groups, we made sure to track the progress of the campaign and A/B test different CTAs, images and headline texts to find out which combinations were delivering the best results.


The ads were not the only stage of the campaign, however. Our teams built a 3-stage funnel following the initial workshop which would educate potential customers on the brand and eventually convert those who were most interested.

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A funnel-based marketing approach, when done well, can work wonders when it comes to keeping leads engaged. The key is getting inside the head of a potential buyer – what do they want and need to see from you as a brand at each stage?

Charly Chow

Charly Chow

 Strategy Director at The Brains


After seeing promising results from our ads campaigns, we approached the client to offer some additional CRO work for their key landing pages. After a few short weeks we had optimised a selection of landing pages on the site which further helped the client in improving their conversion rates. Over 6 months, we increased sales by an average of 15% month-on-month and brought the CPL down from an initial £120 to just £35.

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