5x ROI on email marketing for a top leadership consultancy

The Project

- The Brains
- The Brains

We’ve been working with The Brains for about a year now. We’ve always found them to be intelligent, proactive, politely persistent – and very effective!

- Marc, CEO at Personal Presentation

Project Summary

  • The Brains assessed where the best opportunities were to attract Personal Presentation’s discerning B2B audience
  • We crafted a highly targeted email marketing campaign, tailored to CEOs and HR professionals
  • Email marketing funnels were built for each persona, allowing us to highlight a number of key benefits of the client’s service and drive interest to key landing pages
  • Thanks to the efforts of our email marketing Brains, Personal Presentation saw an impressive 5x ROI on their campaigns and secured some lucrative new clients
- The Brains

Since we started their email marketing campaign, our client has seen…

- The Brains

5x ROI


- The Brains

Several lucrative new corporate clients

- The Brains

Increase in brand awareness among target audience

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- The Brains

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Our Objectives

- The Brains

Key Results

- The Brains

5x return on marketing spend

- The Brains

Lucrative new clients secured

- The Brains

Brand awareness increased among target audience

Project Story


As the client was approaching digital advertising for the first time and we had a clearly defined initial budget, we advised running an email marketing campaign before looking into channel-specific ads. Our B2B specialists were aware that with high-ticket B2B sales, delivering timely communication to someone’s inbox would be just as effective as spending thousands on LinkedIn ads. Essentially, each business in the sector would be competing for attention of their target prospects, so optimising all communications to align with great messaging was key.


In this case, Personal Presentation was well-informed as to who they wanted to target. They had already established prospect groups based on specific industry, company size and even job titles. Along with our own research, we were therefore able to build highly specific lists of prospects to target with our marketing emails, each of which were tailored depending on the target group.


Working in collaboration with the client, we finalised the content for each persona, crafting it around various USPs that mitigated their pain points. For the CEO group, we highlighted how the training from Personal Presentation had helped people in similar roles to transform their communication skills, whereas for the HR group, we stressed the benefits of the training for junior high-flyers and the merits of internal promotions vs external hiring.

- The Brains

The Brains has produced excellent results for us, way better than I could have imagined (I confess to being pretty sceptical to start with!). They’ve completely revitalised our new business campaign. My only hesitation in recommending them is that I’d be letting others in on the secret …

- Marc, CEO at Personal Presentation


Overall, the campaign was hugely successful, generating a predictable volume of qualified leads per month for the client and resulting in a 5x return on marketing spend. Our collaborative approach meant that we could combine research strategies when it came to audience targeting, resulting in highly specific and lead-driving emails.

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