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The Brains is a social media marketing company specialising in lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns. We know how to attract and convert your clients or customers via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. However complex your challenges, our Brains will recommend the right channels and approach to deliver against your goals and budget.

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Gain visibility

Our social media advertising campaigns help you gain followers and fans, increasing visibility online.

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We’re experts in social media lead generation and deliver an average 5x ROI for our social advertising clients.

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Reach new audiences

By targeting a wider yet highly relevant audience you can increase brand awareness with potential customers.

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Social media lead generation & marketing FAQ

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the practice of promoting your company via advertisements on social networks. There are many different ad formats and channels to choose from, including interactive Instagram experiences, Facebook video ads and LinkedIn Bots messaging with lead magnet forms. The Brains specialises in KPI-led social media marketing – we can help you reach, attract and convert your ideal client or customer via their favourite social network, while saving on marketing costs. On average, our social media lead generation clients see a 45% increase in leads generated within just 3 months of a campaign starting.

Why do I need a social media marketing agency?

Social media marketing is a specialist skill that is honed over years with proper training and hands-on experience. There are many parts to a successful social media lead generation campaign that all require different skill sets:

  • Technical – identifying the right audiences, setting up and A/B testing campaigns, managing budgets and generating reports
  • Creative & design – understanding the kind of content that your target audience wants and expects to see, and crafting visually-arresting, engaging creative that stands out in an endless stream of activity
  • Strategic – identifying areas of improvement for campaign creative and targeting, recommending new approaches to try, spotting competitor content activity or ongoing trends and topics that you can piggy back off and shape the conversation around

What’s involved with social media lead generation?

It depends on the channel, but typically a social media lead generation campaign run by The Brains will include most or all of these elements:

  • Personalised ad content by persona – during our initial consultations we will have defined with you what your target audiences have in common and used this information to generate personas. By doing so, we can create highly targeted social ads that improve the effectiveness of your lead generation campaigns
  • A lead magnet and lead form – mostly relevant to LinkedIn campaigns, lead magnets and forms are downloadable resources that encourage your prospects to fill in their information in exchange for access to valuable content
  • Targeted lists – we segment your campaigns by persona and only target prospects who match those persona demographics, creating customised content for each persona group
  • Budget optimisation – LinkedIn and Facebook “learn” as your campaigns run, providing insights into which target groups are generating the best results. We optimise your budgets accordingly, putting the money where the results are.

How expensive is it to run a LinkedIn or Facebook lead generation campaign?

The minimum investment we would recommend for advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn is £750/month. This is advertising budget only and does not include The Brains’ management fee. Without sufficient budget it is not possible to test approaches and define what works. An optimum budget to maximise your lead generation results would be more in the region of £2-3k, however we are often able to deliver exceptional results with smaller amounts.

Shouldn’t I just run my own social media campaigns?

There are lots of social media companies out there, but not many specialists in social media lead generation. In order to gain the best possible results, you need to work with experts who are highly-trained in the right techniques, tools and technologies to deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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