Freelancer platform optimises sign-up process

The Project

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improvement in sign-up conversion rate

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The Brains’ scientifc approach to our CRO was very welcome and we were impressed with the results

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The Solution


We set up advanced analytics, tag manager and heatmap tracking. Upon analysing the data, it was evident that there were multiple inefficiencies in the freelancer sign-up process. We went back to the drawing board and created a best practice customer journey map. We then prototyped the new journey and conducted user testing, heatmapping people’s actions and taking feedback.


We ended up condensing what was previously a five step sign-up process into a simple two step process, taking over half the time.


Once the revised journey was made live, completion rates increased from 25% to 67%. We continue to make constant refinements and tweaks as the client expands their operations.

- The Brains

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