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We’re The Brains behind hundreds of highly successful email marketing campaigns for a wide range of B2B, healthcare and luxury B2C companies. Whether you need to attract new clients or retain existing ones, our email marketing strategists will help you achieve your goals.

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Gain New Clients or Nurture Existing Ones With Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and powerful digital marketing channels available to businesses. It’s often seriously underrated. Whether you want to quickly generate new B2B leads or reduce your advertising spend by running nurturing campaigns through email, we are here to assist.

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Our Email Marketing Services

Cold/Outbound Email

  • We build our own lists of highly-qualified targets to help you generate the maximum number of leads. We never purchase lists because that never works! 
  • The next stage is to craft copy that maximises response rates. We’re experts at writing emails that pass the ‘Turing Test’. In other words, copy that convinces the recipient that this is a personal message rather than an automated one. 
  • We can exclude any recipients you specify from receiving emails
  • Emails are sent in-thread, under a single subject line, to ensure maximum deliverability
  • We monitor all aspects of your campaign, A/B testing copy and subject-lines to achieve highly effective results

Warm/Nurturing Email

  • We work with you to identify the optimum email nurturing journey for your client base
  • After undertaking persona workshops, we develop content designed to engage and re-convert your client base
  • Our email strategists construct the perfect messaging journey for optimum results 
  • We segment your database and automate campaigns with clever logic and workflows. For larger clients, we work with advanced systems such as Salesforce or Pardot. For companies requiring a more simple approach we use platforms like Zoho or mailchimp
  • We continually report, review and recommend campaign improvements to deliver maximum value for each client

How It Works


Our email nurturing strategists have spent years honing their skills in customer lifecycle marketing, client journey mapping and email content strategy. With our combined expertise and experience, we are able to craft highly successful nurturing and outreach campaigns that reach both new prospects and your lapsed or existing customer base, converting them into loyal clients for many purchases to come.


We test everything, from subject lines to body copy, visuals, buttons and content layout. By optimising each element of your email campaign and ensuring that all communications are timely, appropriate and appealing, we can increase retention rates and help you increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) over time.


We run email marketing campaigns every day for clients, generating over 1,300 leads per day. We have experience and proven data on best practices regarding copy, subject lines, targeting and spam filtering. We understand MX + SPF records, UTM tracking, and drip emailing. Don’t spend your time trying to figure out how email marketing works. You have a business to run.

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Our Cold/Outbound Email
Marketing Methodology:

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Targeting & List Building

You tell us exactly who you want to target, whether it’s by title, location, industry or something else. Multiple campaigns can target different prospects. We then put our unique algorithms to work to generate a custom list of Prospects fitting your criteria.

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Content Strategy Workshop

It’s important for us to understand your business in detail, specifically your selling points and USPs. A content strategy workshop is a perfect way for us to get up to speed. Our expert copywriters then go off and craft content that will engage your target market.

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Software Stack

We are the only email marketing agency to combine different software to provide a seamless experience for our clients. Our in-house email automation software enables us to send your emails out at scale and ensure they land directly in inboxes rather than spam. We term our system ‘single thread email marketing’ because your prospects receive a targeted approach and a further 2-4 follow-ups which are sent through the same email chain, making it look as if you are doing the emailing yourself. 

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Lead Handling

All emails are sent from a special domain/email address with your name and company, making it look like an authentic inquiry. This means all you have to do is receive responses and close the leads. Because the emails we send are from you, all prospects will expect your call!

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GDPR Compliant

Our direct email marketing service allows B2B Clients to generate leads by pitching prospects in their inboxes. Our entire email marketing strategy from list building, email deliverability and unsubscribing process is 100% in accordance with the latest EU regulations including GDPR and E-privacy.

Our Clients

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Email Marketing and Nurturing FAQ

What is Email Marketing?

Direct email marketing is the practice of generating leads by pitching to prospects in their inboxes. Based on your targeting criteria, we curate a list of prospective clients who would be interested in your services, and send them a carefully-designed series of emails designed to engage and convert. This form of marketing is cost effective, powerful and can easily generate hundreds of high quality leads depending on your approach and budget.

What is Email Nurturing?

Email nurturing is the practice of reaching out to your existing client base, prospects or lapsed customers and enticing them back into a purchasing journey with you. They may have added something to cart and not bought, come back a few times to buy something or suddenly stopped purchasing from you for a long period, and your objective is to convince them to come back and reconvert, or to complete their purchase and convert for the first time.

Typically, an email nurturing strategist will segment the nurturing journeys based on which customer bracket your prospects fall into, and tailor the content to suit their previous interactions with your brand. For example, if they have yet to make an initial purchase, you can nurture them by reaching out with a first purchase discount, or if they have already converted in the past, you can offer them a customer anniversary incentive to come back and repurchase on the anniversary of their first conversion with you.

Whatever the chosen approach for your email nurturing campaign, the content strategy should be based on best practice principals around email content length, structure and layout, in order to ensure optimum results. All emails in the chain should naturally follow on from one another and be designed to delight and inspire the reader, to encourage clicks and conversions.

If email nurturing is of interest, we encourage you to give us a call and speak with one of our specialists today – FREE initial consultations are available when you book via our website.

Why Do I Need An Email Marketing Agency?

Direct email marketing is a specialist skill with lots of technical considerations necessary in order to ensure compliance, deliverability and campaign performance. Email marketing specialists will have a range of skills, including:

  • Technical – identifying the right prospects and creating lists, setting up and optimising campaigns, managing budgets and generating reports
  • Creative  – understanding the kind of content that your target audience wants and expects to see, and crafting engaging creative that stands out in the prospect’s inbox
  • Strategic – identifying areas of improvement for campaign creative and targeting, recommending new approaches, continually improving performance

How Expensive Is It To Run An Email Marketing Campaign?

Our entry level email marketing package starts at £750/month. This is because without sufficient budget it is not possible to contact enough prospects, test approaches and define what works. An optimum budget to maximise your email marketing results would be more in the region of £2-3k, however we are often able to deliver exceptional results with smaller amounts.

How Quickly Can I Get Started With Email Marketing?

The Brains typically needs less than three weeks in order to create, build and activate your email campaign. Depending on complexity and availability, this process can be quicker.

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