Recruitment agency improves efficiency of marketing spend

The Project

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increase in lead volumes

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Average session duration up by


The Solution


After analysing Google Analytics data, it was evident that the user journeys on the site were too muddled. As a recruitment agency the client was looking to use their website as a tool for both generating leads with clients and signing up graduates looking for jobs. However, there was no clear journey for each of these personas, so for example client-focused CTAs (calls to action) were appearing on graduate focused pages and vice versa. It was also clear that the contact form conversion rate was below industry averages. People who had consumed the blog content were 40% more likely to become a lead than those who didn’t, but the content was not readily accessible accross the site. The client was clearly missing out on significant amounts of business.


Taking all these learnings and more into consideration, our design & dev team made the required updates. The results were significant, with an immediate uplift of 28% in client lead volumes and a conversion rate increase of 55% in graduate form submissions. The client was able to reduce advertising spend on PPC and social, whilst generating higher volumes of conversions.

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