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The Brains is London’s leading, award-winning Google Ads agency. We provide results-driven paid search advertising services to some of the UK’s biggest businesses and most exciting emerging brands. Our paid search experts use a proven Brainy formula to drive engagement, boost traffic and ensure your PPC ads deliver exceptional ROI. Interested? We offer a free consultation to prospective PPC clients, so get in touch to learn more!

Paid search - The Brains

“Google Ads have such enormous potential. We’ve worked on hundreds of paid search campaigns but we’ll never get tired of seeing the amazing results they can deliver!”

– Mike Moodie, Director of PPC Services, The Brains

Powerful paid search advertising with unbeatable campaign ROI

  • As London’s leading paid search advertising agency, The Brains can help you attract and convert potential customers using bespoke PPC ad campaigns that drive conversions.
  • Advertise at the top of your chosen search engine results page (Google, Bing or Yahoo) and start generating highly qualified traffic to your website that converts more effectively.
  • Examine the effectiveness of your PPC landing pages with our CRO experts and ensure that all your PPC adverts land on highly relevant, engaging pages, to increase conversions.
  • Receive regular reports with detailed results and metrics to deeply understand how your PPC campaigns are performing.
  • Our in-house experts will help identify the correct keywords and phrases for you to bid on.
  • Maximise your Google Shopping potential and get your products noticed by your target audience while they shop online.
  • Work with a Google Ads agency that will maintain 100% transparency at all times to ensure that you know how your campaign is performing at every stage of the campaign.
Paid search - The Brains

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The Brainy approach to paid search advertising

At The Brains, we understand the importance of Google and Bing Ads and their effect on revenue and online visibility. You might have read that paid search advertising is a cheap way to get to the top of search engine rankings and doesn’t have the same effect as organic search. But, at The Brains, we know that this isn’t true. Paid search advertising is one of the best ROI producing marketing strategies that a business can invest in, and it can achieve fantastic results both on its own and in conjunction with organic search campaigns.


Paid search campaigns have three major benefits:

  • Your PPC activity attracts leads who are already looking for your product or service.
  • PPC shortens the sales funnel and brings leads directly to your website.

If you’re wondering how paid search could help generate leads from Google and Bing, drop us a message or jump on the phone and we’ll let you know how!

Paid search - The Brains
Paid search - The Brains

Paid search advertising services at The Brains

The Brains is a leading paid search agency that is laser-focused when it comes to helping businesses create targeted PPC ads that generate leads and boost revenue. Our PPC experts will work alongside you to create a paid search campaign to locate your target audience and bring them directly to your website.

We provide a first-class service that will not only provide fantastic ROI, but also reduce your marketing costs and increase your online visibility. You’ll also receive regular updates on how your campaign is performing and whether or not any changes need to be made in order to optimise results. Our team of experts will be able to advise you at any time if you’re thinking about making any changes to a specific campaign.


Much like its counterpart, SEO, paid search advertising centres around which keywords you want to appear for. Your target audience will only find you if they are already looking for products or services associated with the keywords related to your business, so it’s important that you pick the correct ones! At The Brains, we conduct extensive research to help you identify which keywords are best suited for your campaign to ensure that you get the best results possible.


Just because you’ve won the bid to have your ad at the top spot on Google or Bing doesn’t mean that your ads are necessarily going to convert. You need to win over your target audience with copy that will give them a reason to click onto your site. This is especially important when creating Google Shopping Ads. Think of it like a shop window – you need to entice your customers to purchase on first glance. At The Brains, we have an in-house content team who will carry out persona analysis to find out how exactly to encourage your audience to click on your ads with targeted content.

Paid search - The Brains
Paid search - The Brains


All ad placements are determined by bids, which means paid search can often seem expensive upfront. However, the potential for generating fantastic leads and excellent ROI is massive if you hire an agency like The Brains to help plan and carry out your paid search advertising campaigns! Our clients typically see a huge improvement in ROI and a significant reduction in marketing costs when working with us.


Paid advertising conversions aren’t necessarily all about generating sales. A conversion can often be having someone visit your website or have them sign up for a newsletter or fill out a survey. That’s why it’s important to remember that the bottom line is all about leads! Whether you’re generating new ones or nurturing old ones, PPC campaigns can be lead generation machines if used correctly.

What are the benefits of hiring a paid search advertising agency like The Brains?

By hiring a paid search advertising agency like The Brains, you’ll be receiving expert advice from paid search professionals who have the knowledge and experience to know how to create campaigns that will maximise your budget and generate conversions. You can expect to see increased web traffic and revenue as we create and promote your ads using the best PPC strategies available, including keyword targeting and competitor analysis, in order to get your ads seen by your target audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about paid search or you’d like to know how The Brains can help you create a conversion-driving paid search campaign, speak to one of our experts to find out more.

Paid search - The Brains

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Paid search advertising services FAQ

Should I use paid search advertising services to help me gain leads and sales?

Paid search ads, especially Google Ads, can be incredibly beneficial if you’re looking to drive traffic to your site, and here’s why:

  • The number one benefit of paid search is increased web traffic. Whether or not your potential customers convert once they’re on your site, you’ve successfully convinced them to click your link, which creates the potential for future conversions – you’re on your way to having more leads!
  • Even if searchers don’t click on your link right away, your name will still be at the top of Google, creating visibility for potential future customers.
  • After you’ve paid for the initial bid, you won’t be charged unless someone clicks and converts on your ad.

Is it better to use Google Ads or Bing Ads?

Without a doubt, Google is the number one search engine in the world, and with the growth of features like Google Shopping driving e-shoppers to the site, there’s never been a better time to invest some of your marketing budget in Google Ads.

However, while Google is the number search engine, lots of online users still use Bing. Research suggests around 15% of all online searches are done on Bing while nearer 70% are done on Google. With this in mind, we don’t suggest discounting Bing if you’re looking to create a paid search campaign that maximises your budget!

Is paid search better than SEO?

There’s no easy answer to this question. It mostly depends upon your goals, budget and time available. Try not to think of it as one being better than the other, but rather as two different marketing strategies that can be beneficial to your business for different reasons. 

There’s no doubt that SEO has lots of advantages, and it is something that any business can benefit from if done correctly. However, paid search cuts out a lot of the labour that comes with SEO. With paid search, you can:

  • Jump to the front of Google rankings without having to optimise your content or invest in technical SEO.
  • Create immediate search engine visibility for your business.
  • Have measurable ROI, and you won’t have to spend unless people convert on your ad.


What makes you stand out from other paid search agencies?

We’re a paid search agency with an excellent history of carrying out data-driven campaigns that have helped clients achieve an average excellent ROI. Paid search might seem like a straightforward marketing strategy, but carrying out a successful campaign takes a deep knowledge and understanding of target audience persona’s, copywriting and a myriad of other things – it pays to have an expert agency on your side!

The Brains is a full-service, multichannel digital agency, which means that we can create paid search advertising campaigns alongside other digital services such as, lead generation, SEO, content marketing, and marketing automation in order to help our clients achieve the best ROI possible. Whatever it is you need, we’re here to help take your business to the top.

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