Commercial cleaning business automates lead generation

The Project

- The Brains
- The Brains

50+ leads

per month

- The Brains

The Brains helped us grow our business in a competely different way to what we were used to. Previously we had relied on cold calling but the new method was so much more successful!



The Solution


We used our proprietary email crawler to build a list of highly targeted prospects, focusing on Facility Managers in medium-sized companies. We then crafted email copy that outlined the Client’s service offering and usp’s. Each email was highly personalised, referencing the recipient’s name, company, industry and even their precise company street name and postcode.


The emails were sent to 2000+ people per month, focusing on georgraphies where the Client’s sales team were operating. The campaign was very successful, delivering 50+ leads on a monthly basis. After 6 months the Client was in a position to re-invest into Google Search advertising to further develop their marketing funnel.

- The Brains

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