The client

A London based Ad-tech Start-up

The Challenge

The Client was hoping to transform the humble carrier bag into a mobile advertising display platform. As part of their initial growth, they were targeted with recruiting bag wearing evangelists and to subsequently capture the imagination of advertisers and ad agencies. Catching the attention of these Clients meant making a splash all over Social Media.

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The Solution

The Brains helped the Start-up with a fully scoped marketing strategy to achieve the targets. The first step was to engage followers through social media by designing, writing and sharing content as well as targeting local influencers. Once these early evangelists were engaged we directed targeted ad agencies to draw their attention to this exciting Project.

The Result

The Client was able to build a vibrant community of early adopters who exhibited the bags at staged events around Central London. Based on this traction, we helped Business land Pilot deals with a number of advertisers including German giant Adidas!

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