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Google Ads Paid Search channel helps generate 38% off all new business leads in company’s first year of operation.


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Their Story

A Brand-New 3D Printing Company In London
The client launched their business in June of 2018 and have since expanded at an incredibly fast rate. They offer a range of core 3D printing services, such as rapid prototyping, jewellery and architecture models as well as doing bespoke printing jobs. Our campaign launched 3 weeks after they opened their doors for business and has since contributed 38% of all the business leads that have been generated from their website.

Their Goal

The client launched their business with a clear strategy outlined for generating new business leads. However, they didn’t have the skills necessary to build and maintain an effective Google Ads campaign and so they turned to us to look after this aspect of their business. They tasked us with creating a campaign that covered each of their 3D printing services and which generated leads via their website contact forms, instant payment plugin and phone lines.

The Solution

1) Beginning a new campaign without any previous data to base decisions on has its challenges, but we tackled this problem with some thorough keyword research and categorisation. A strong set of high search volume keywords sets the foundation for a strong campaign, and when combined with our unique campaign structure we have a recipe for a high volume of business leads. In month 1 we generated 17 leads at a conversion rate of 4.4%.

2) A good campaign arelies on accurate conversion tracking. Our client had several different methods by which a customer could get in contact and so we had to make extremely certain that each action was being attributed to the correct channel. We use Google Tag manager to manage these actions and are able to split the leads between multiple platforms, such as if a customer interacts with both a Facebook ad and a Google Ad before converting.

Products Used

Google Search Network

✓   Expanded Text Ads

✓   Responsive Search Ads

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