The Client

The Client is an M&A technology company specialising in cross border transactions.

The Project

The Brains were asked to help the company build an M&A deal screening tool which would monitor potential targets automatically and suggest when they were appropriate to contact regarding a transaction.

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expected returns by asset

The Solution

The Brains created a smart piece of software to monitor the websites of all the potential corporate targets and crawled the pages for specific strings and phrases which implied potentially significant activity relevant to acquisitions.

This AI deal screener was trained (using advanced machine learning techniques) to a high level of accuracy thanks to plenty of historical data tagged by people who had been doing this manually at the company for years.

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Weights by Asset

A special logic was built in so that the Analysts were emailed with alerts when the combination of results from a given website indicated a potential opportunity for the firm.

We gave the software a mind of its own!

The Result

By creating an automated deal screener, the Client increased the effectiveness and timeliness of M&A prospecting and reduced the need to hire more analysts to do the work manually.

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