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Introducing Leads On Tap

Leads On Tap is the revolutionary new lead generation system developed by The Brains Co Founder Larry Kotch.

For the first time, businesses can generate unlimited leads AND lower their Cost Per Lead, by setting up an unbeatable lead generation system!

Lead generation - The Brains
Lead generation - The Brains

Whether you’ve run hundreds of digital marketing campaigns or this will be your first one, Leads On Tap is accessible, easy to implement and affordable.

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Unlimited Leads

How it works

Leads On Tap is based on a unique Brainy advertising formula designed by The Brains.

We combine the latest Online Advertising techniques, Marketing Automation tools and Buyer Psychology Insights to create unbeatable lead generation campaigns that deliver unlimited results.

Why choose Leads On Tap?

  • The only system proven to generate UNLIMITED, high quality leads 
  • Lowers your CPL (cost per lead) while increasing revenue
  • Automates processes, cutting marketing costs and reducing effort
  • Easy to set up and implement, with little to no technical knowledge
  • Uses the latest, most powerful online advertising techniques
Lead generation - The Brains

The results speak for themselves…

Lead generation - The Brains


average increase in
lead volume by
month 3.

Lead generation - The Brains


ROI achieved on
average by
month 3

Lead generation - The Brains


client appointment
booking capacity
reached by month 3.

Our clients

The Brains behind L.O.T

Leads On Tap is a unique, groundbreaking Lead Generation System devised by Larry Kotch and his team at The Brains, one of London’s leading Lead Generation Marketing Agencies.

Lead generation - The Brains

Larry Kotch

Founder & Automation Guru

Larry has helped over 400 companies with their Digital Strategy. He recently ranked #3 in B2B Marketing’s Global 30 under 30 and is a regular speaker on London’s marketing circuit. Larry is an automation evangelist and is on a mission to empower all great businesses with the tools to generate amazing leads.

Lead generation - The Brains

Jonathan Lemer

Founder & Lead Legend

Jonathan is obsessed with running #NoBS marketing campaigns that deliver on commercial objects for clients and has   helped tech start-ups & FTSE 100 behemoths do just that. Prior to co-founding The Brains Jonathan worked with the likes of PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and the NHS to validate and launch new ventures.

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