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Learn PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising With The Brains

Our totally free online PPC training guides will help you master the art of Pay-Per-Click advertising, so you can generate more sales and leads for your business. Discover how our Brainy experts make PPC more profitable with these fun, fresh and insightful PPC training guides. You can get to grips with the basics, expand your knowledge horizons, or engage pro-level neurons and master PPC like a true Brain!

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Our PPC Beginners’ Guide is packed with training fundamentals that will form the building blocks of your PPC marketing strategies.


Time to switch gear. Improve your PPC Pay-Per-Click advertising skills and accelerate campaign performance.


Our biggest, Brainiest, most advanced and awesome PPC training guides, for die-hard professionals looking to make serious gains with their PPC skills.

Bespoke PPC training from Brainy experts

We can help you & your team master PPC advertising. Contact us to chat about our bespoke PPC training and coaching programmes for individuals and businesses.

Learn all about PPC with these upbeat, Brain-powered webinar sessions hosted by our paid media Brains! Ask questions, get our insider tricks of the trade, and take your PPC training to the next level.

We Can Optimise Your PPC Campaigns For You

Learning PPC is always a great idea – no questions there. But if you need fast results and would rather leave things in the hands of the pros, our award-winning PPC Brains are onside and ready to make it happen. We provide ongoing PPC services to help businesses get to the top of Google, and plant their flag there!


Take a look at our Brainy Academy topics and discover something new about digital marketing! Whether you’re eager for insight into top SEO techniques or interested in social media advertising, we’ve got the resources to help you master your chosen specialism.


Learn SEO with Brainy Academy and start generating some high-quality organic traffic streams to your website.

Social Media Advertising

Learn social media advertising with Brainy Academy, and turn your social platforms into revenue-driving lead generation channels.

Ready to supercharge your marketing performance?

The Brains is an award-winning digital marketing consultancy that provides powerful, ROI-driving marketing services to help you boldly go further, faster.

If you’re ready to supercharge your performance and would like to speak to us about consultancy, training or digital marketing services, get in touch!