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The Brains is London’s leading online advertising agency. We create targeted digital marketing campaigns that deliver unbeatable ROI, unlimited leads and sales that sky rocket your company to success. Our online advertising campaigns deliver incredible results – our clients typically see 5x ROI and a 45% increase in leads within 3 months of working with us.

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Online ads that deliver unbeatable results

The Brains is a specialist online advertising agency that has run hundreds of successful campaigns for a wide range of B2B, healthcare and luxury B2C companies across all channels.

Our team of PPC & Social Experts, Data Scientists & Content Gurus will work together to attract and convert your target customers with carefully-crafted online ads and optimal spend.

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What makes our approach to online advertising different? We are channel agnostic, and combine data-driven advertising with award-winning content strategy.

Whether we recommend you focus on Google Search, Amazon, Social Media Advertising, YouTube or a mixture of various channels will depend on your goals, budget and target audience.

During a consultative workshop process we’ll define your advertising approach and build out a campaign structure that is sure to drive incredible ROI. Once the campaign gets started, we’ll continually test and tweak your online ads, to improve lead quality and numbers of new customers.

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Our collaborative approach to online advertising

We collaborate closely with you to define the KPIs, channels and messaging for your campaign.

Our content strategists will work with you to ensure that your campaign creative is on brand and delivers your core messages, making any necessary tweaks to your website or landing pages to maximise your conversions.

Our data experts will set up effective tracking, connecting data from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Heat Mapping software and your CRM, so we can track each ad against revenue earned by your business.

We always provide clear, easily digestible monthly reports, outlining the metrics that matter to help you understand how your online ads are performing.

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Our online advertising services

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PPC Strategy & Management

Increase sales, gain new clients and improve revenue with PPC campaigns that deliver amazing results.

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SEO Marketing

Gain high quality website traffic and attract new customers with the right combination of on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

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Social Media Marketing

Attract more followers and generate revenue via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Nurture your prospective clients and re-engage existing customers with email marketing.

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web dev - Online Advertising Services

Website Design & Development

We design beautiful, conversion-driving websites for B2B and B2C companies.

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Content Strategy

We design dynamic content strategies that help you attract, convert and retain customers online.

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We can help you…

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Generate More Leads

Our online advertising campaigns deliver on average 45% more leads within 3 months.

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Save Time

We take care of the strategy, targeting, creative, A/B testing and monitoring for you.

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Increase ROI

Our clients see an average of 5X ROI on their digital advertising campaigns.

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Online advertising services FAQ

What is online advertising?

Online advertising is the practice of advertising your goods or services online. You can advertise on any digital channel, from Google Adwords to Google Shopping, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and others. Some affiliate networks also offer advertising placements on other websites and blogs, providing banner placements and in-line ads at a fixed cost.

Why do I need an agency to help with my online advertising campaigns?

The key to successful online advertising is identifying the right channel, messaging and offer for your target audience. With years of experience behind us, The Brains’ experts are able to identify the correct strategies to deliver maximum ROI based on your goals and budget. We can quickly spot what content will work, make recommendations about best practice by channel, and identify which CTAs (calls to action) will work best to convert your prospects. On top of that, building lists of prospects, setting up campaign tracking, optimising budgets and monitoring performance all goes on in the background, ensuring the success of your activity.

Which online channels should I advertise on?

In general, the main online advertising channels are:

  • Google Adwords – PPC experts advertise on Google via a bidding system that allows the highest bid to be seen in the top position
  • Google Shopping – your targeted online advertising ads appear in special “shopping” search results which display the price, image and description of your product and click through to your product page
  • Facebook – online ads are shown on Facebook as part of people’s feeds, various CTAs are available, including “learn more” and “buy now”. Facebook ads can include visuals, videos or instant experiences that include engaging, in depth content.
  • Instagram – online ads are shown in line with people’s feeds, with a “sponsored content” tag. They can be video, visual or text-based, and there are several options for CTA such as “shop now” and “learn more”.
  • Instagram Stories – sponsored ads appear after organic content as people scroll through Instagram stories and can be visual, video or interactive. CTAs include “swipe up to learn more” and “expand story” for additional content
  • YouTube – there are multiple ways to advertise online via YouTube, including pre-roll ads and mid-video ads which appear at a given point while someone is watching a video. They are typically video-based ads that click through to a website.

Which channels you should advertise on will depend on your target audience and proposition. It is important to meet your audience where they are most comfortable and open to considering your offer. For instance, if you were selling skills training to HR managers, you would reach out on LinkedIn, where they consume business content, rather than on Instagram, where they consume lifestyle content. This strategic thinking is all conducted as part of your online ads package with The Brains – we provide a full channel assessment and advertising approach, complete with recommended copy, visuals and targeting.

What steps are involved in getting my online advertising campaign started?

The Brains has developed a unique formula for guaranteed online advertising success. This involves a clearly defined campaign set up process:

  1. Campaign goals are set – we agree on the campaign KPIs with you in advance, ensuring that clear goals for monthly lead volumes and cost per lead are set
  2. Personas and targeting – we workshop your ideal client/customer, define which personas to target and build targeted online advertising lists for the channels your campaign will run on
  3. Marketing automation tools and strategies assessment – we will look into whether marketing automation will be beneficial for management of your online advertising campaign and recommend the right platform, if appropriate
  4. Content strategy and advertising approach – we recommend the channels, messaging and funnels that will best match your campaign ambitions, providing sample ad copy, suggested titles for supporting content and outlines for any articles being written
  5. Campaign build – we create the campaign, building out targeted lists, funnels and supporting content and launching activity on your preferred channels
  6. Test and enhance – we never stop assessing your campaigns for success, tweaking and enhancing the content and targeting to continually improve on CPL and lead volumes

Once your campaign is up and running, our online ads experts will review it at regular intervals to see what needs tweaking in order to improve performance even further.

What Is targeted online advertising?

Targeted online advertising is a method of ensuring that your campaigns are reaching the right people and saying the right things to convert them. Research is conducted into your ideal client or customer, and a strategist recommends how best to target the content to suit the audience. In addition, an online advertising specialist carefully hones the targeting list to ensure that only the most relevant prospects are viewing your ads, cutting the cost per lead and ensuring ROI (return on investment).

Can I advertise on multiple online advertising channels at once?

Yes, absolutely. Our clients typically see greater results by retargeting prospects as they journey between online advertising channels – if someone sees an ad first on Instagram and then gets served it again on Facebook, while visiting a blog or during a search on Google, they are more likely to convert quicker.

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