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Generating B2B leads is a tricky business, and the market is only growing more competitive as more agencies share the secrets to SEO, advertising and other ways of generating fast leads. While there are many popular and commonly used strategies out there, at The Brains, we offer B2B lead generation services you won’t find anywhere else. Our services are guaranteed to bring you leads and sales faster than any other marketing strategy. 

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How it works

We believe that working closely together with our clients is what makes for the most profitable leads once the campaign is in full swing. So, to make sure we have a clear understanding of a client’s business and their B2B lead generation goals, we set up workshops early in the process for them to talk us through their exact requirements, from budget all the way down to content specifics such as tone of voice. We’ll talk content strategy, social media advertising and anything else you’re looking to include in your marketing package. We don’t stop there of course – our collaborative approach continues throughout the campaign. We provide monthly reporting and encourage feedback along the way to ensure the campaign is seeing continuous success and consistently generating B2B leads of the highest quality.

b2b lead generation services - The Brains

We can help you…

b2b lead generation services - The Brains

Gain more B2B leads

You’ll have more profitable leads than you can shake a stick at with the help of our marketing experts.

b2b lead generation services - The Brains

Get better B2B leads

Thanks to our lead nurturing strategies, you’ll have no trouble converting your leads into sales.

b2b lead generation services - The Brains

Manage your B2B leads

We deliver results in real time. With us on your side, B2B lead generation management couldn’t be easier.

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Our B2B lead generation strategies bring unbeatable results

b2b lead generation services - The Brains


increase in
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b2b lead generation services - The Brains


Return on

b2b lead generation services - The Brains


increase in lead to sale conversion rate

b2b lead generation services - The Brains

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reduction in
marketing costs

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B2B lead generation FAQ

What is B2B lead generation?

If a company wants to succeed in today’s online world, lead generation is key. Our B2B lead generation strategies bring together extensive research and planning, irresistible ad and website copy and multi-channel advertising techniques to exhaust every opportunity for leads. In short, we target potential buyers, entice them with excellent ads and encourage them to convert with expert email nurturing.

What is involved in a B2B lead generation campaign?

Generating leads online in any industry is no mean feat, but our foolproof strategy at The Brains means we’re always several steps ahead of other agencies. The first step is for us to work with the client to set out their campaign goals, before establishing key personas for any targeted ad campaigns. Next, we build an exciting content strategy and advertising approach with the help of our PPC and copy experts, and then the campaign starts to take shape. Once our client is happy with the approach and the target audiences, we start writing the content and building other assets that create the marketing strategy. At The Brains, we also ensure testing and reporting is done frequently to ensure the campaign is always performing well and delivering the best possible results.

Which channels are included in B2B lead generation strategies?

At The Brains, we focus the majority of our B2B lead generation across three main channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and email. However, the number of channels we use (and indeed the choice of channels themselves) will depend on the client’s budget, marketing goals and of course, target audience. We conduct extensive research before any campaign to ensure our client’s ads are targeting the correct audiences to ensure maximum opportunity for conversion.

Is generating B2B leads with an agency expensive?

You might assume that DIY lead generation is a cheaper option, but it’s always worth considering what the campaign results will look like in the long run. The price of B2B lead generation will depend on not only you chosen agency, but the size of your campaign and the desired frequency of your advertising. While you may be worried about blowing your entire budget, remember that the purpose of lead generation is to attract potential buyers and make sales. So, choose an experienced B2B lead generation agency like The Brains and you’ll be making profit in no time.

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b2b lead generation services - The Brains

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