Larry Kotch

Growth Strategist & Founder

I’ve helped 75+ businesses with their digital strategy, helping to manage over £500,000.00 of advertising budget across the portfolio. I understand sales and I understand SMEs.

Jonathan Lemer

Growth Strategist & Founder

Having seen Brainbroker recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing agencies, I know a thing or two about growth strategy. Prior to Brainbroker I helped set-up and scale businesses on the behalf of Pepsi and BP.

Seb Shaw

Marketing Technologist & Founder

I’ve made checking in at the airport a doddle, dabbled in quantum physics and my two best friends are excel and Python. I’m here because I love machines.

Mike Moodie

Director of PPC

I’ve built internet advertising campaigns for every type or business imaginable, I’ve built my own apps and I live for a good surf session. I’m here because I love riding the digital wave.

Maria Koleva

Creative Director

I’ve helped grow one of Bulgaria’s most prominent advertising agencies and now I help Brainbroker do the same there and in London. Essentially – I make sure our clients love us.

Suneet Shivaparasad

Head of Paid Social

I’ve been called a Marketing savant with no irony and helped found over 30 businesses in the last 8 years. I’m here because I love the power locked in the social networks.

Erik Marx

Growth Strategist

I’ve helped some of the world’s most revolutionary start-ups win early customers and often a regular at London’s speak easys. I’m here because I love the chase.

Arvid Silic


I’ve built software that’s used in banks across Europe, mastered the API and I own the largest Only Fools and Horses collection in Bosnia. I’m here because I love to code.

James Harding

Marketing Technologist

I’ve worked with some of Silicon Valley’s most successful marketing entrepreneurs and learned to automate their finest work. I’m here because I love automation.

Andy Blewden

Head of Paid Search

I’ve won marketing awards and revolutionised PPC for dozens of companies, but most importantly I can do a decent Andy Murray impression. I’m here because I love data.

Pavlina Zlateva

Digital Project Manager

I’ve helped Founders bring their ideas to reality and built communities of evangelists from scratch. I’m a tech generalist that gets the big picture and the nitty gritty. I’m here because I love the challenge.

Ivana Murray

Lead Developer

I’ve built over 100 websites for all kinds of businesses and I know everyone at WordPress on a first name basis 😉. I’m here because I love to build.

Nevena Ganeva

Senior Social Media Executive

I help companies get the best value out of Social Media and launch their products and services onto LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’m here because I love clicks.

Victoria Boeva

UX/UI Developer

Thanks to me, our Clients get more business through their website, I use the dark arts of UX and UI to make this happen. I’m here because I am in the mind of the user.

Kalin Stoev

Senior Social Media Executive

I turn the billboard and the television into advertising channels of the past. With laser targeting on Social Media, I get my Clients’ products and services in front of the right people. I’m here because I love discovering new things.

Veronika Moneva

Head of Automated Outreach

I translate our Client’s unique selling points into emails that drive serious open rates, I’m also studying towards a PhD in Big Data. I’m here because I want to seize the future.

Leon Willoughby

Growth Strategist

Through my detailed understanding of social, search and outbound – I know how to make my Clients business Grow. I’m here because I love to Navigate.

Darina Lysenko

Senior Social Media Executive

I  Keep our creative and delivery team working seamlessly together. I also lecture in Marketing as part of my PhD. I’m here because I want to be the best.

Yuliya Kostadinova

Web Designer

I bring our Client’s visions to life, I help them communicate their brand through careful and researched design. I’m here because I love art.

Nelly Kostadinova

Web Designer

I design websites, landing pages and digital media for our Clients Marketing campaigns. I’m here because I like making things beautiful.

Marc Duke

Marketing Strategist

I’ve grown businesses with my magic marketing, worked at some visionary tech companies and you’ll never catch me using buzzwords. I’m here because I love networks.

Ghilaine Chan

Marketing Strategist

I helped build Microsoft’s consultancy service, mentored the hottest start-ups in the UK and you might find me at the Soho club. I’m here because I love people.

Al Tepper

Brand Architect

I’m a builder of Brands that seek to out-position rather than out-spend. I’m here to help brands be where their revenue is going.

Sara Amin

Social Media Executive

I harness the power of the social networks to the advantage of our Clients, I’m also a whizz at video editing and Ad Design. I’m here because I love starting conversations.

Kiril Kirov

Full-Stack Developer

I get our Clients’ websites ready to handle traffic and work across all browsers and device types. I’m here because I love to create.

Hristina Stoycheva

Web Developer

I create landing pages and websites that help our Clients maximise their ROI on marketing campaigns. I’m here because I love conversions!

Hristo Asenov

Data & Analytics Executive

I unlock the awesome power of data across our client’s direct outreach and advertising campaigns. I’m here because I love the fine detail.

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