Know your niche: How to market mental health services

Healthcare marketing in general is quite the niche, but when it’s broken down even further into specific areas such as mental health marketing, it can be even tougher to really know how to target your audience, keep them engaged and ultimately market your service.

In this blog, marketing experts at The Brains will take you through some of the key tactics we’ve been using to market mental health services for our recent clients. So, whether you just need general tips on how to market mental health services, want to know the latest techniques when it comes to developing mental health marketing strategies or just need the foundations on which to build your understanding of your niche, this is the blog for you!

June 4, 2021 |

Getting started: Developing mental health marketing strategies with The Brains

With any business, it takes a lot to develop a powerful marketing strategy, but it’s not always about who has the biggest budget or who is producing the most content. Often, a steady, multi-channel approach is what’s going to get you your desired results in less time. 

how to market mental health services - The Brains

For mental health clinics and other services in healthcare, strategy remains a fundamental aspect of marketing. At this stage in the process, it’s important to think about your prospect and how they might go about finding (and choosing) your clinic. Understanding behaviours such as this can have a great impact when it comes to deciding on your specific marketing channels, tone of voice and even ad placement, depending on where you decide to focus your efforts.

Understanding your prospects

What are your potential customers or patients looking for? Are they seeking more information about their condition, an online assessment or are they looking for appointment availability? These are the questions you’ll need to be asking while you’re conducting initial research. From there, you can look at relevant keywords and start to decide where you will focus any content marketing you’re planning.

For example, if you think some of your prospects might be interested in learning more about their condition before booking an appointment, you might try writing some blog posts detailing the symptoms, treatments and how they can get help with you. If done well, not only will this information position you as an industry leader within your field, but it will also give potential patients a reason to trust your services and book a session.

how to market mental health services - The Brains
how to market mental health services - The Brains

Targeting the right people at the right time

Once you’ve understood who you’re looking to target and how you will entice them with your content, it’s time to start looking at how to create these persona groups and where to target them with your online advertising.

You might be a clinic looking to target a specific age range, condition or gender. However you need to filter your prospects, our paid search and Google Ads experts will be able to help you capture your potential clients at the perfect time. You can also use social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn for your ads, but knowing which is best for your clinic will depend on your brand and overall goals. Social media marketing can be particularly useful if you’re sharing information around mental health awareness or events and news within your industry. 

A consultation with our advertising professionals will be sure to shed some light on your most suitable channels, as well as what it is you actually need to make sure you’re being suitably rewarded for your marketing efforts.

Choosing how to market your mental health services

We have briefly touched on different types of online advertising techniques, but when it comes to manila health marketing strategies there are plenty more avenues that need to be explored if you’re to be really successful. Below are a few ways you could begin to explore marketing your mental health service:

Paid search advertising: This can be a slightly more expensive option, so is more popular among more established mental health clinics. You can run ads on Google, Bing and a number of other channels, usually resulting in boosted traffic (and ROI, if your targeting is done right).

Social media advertising: A brilliant option if you’re targeting the younger generation. You can run ads, promote events and allow your client base to get to know the personality behind your brand.

Email marketing: If your strategy involves collecting patient data, an email marketing campaign is more than worthwhile. Collecting information from form submissions or newsletter sign-ups is only the first step – nurturing these leads with engaging follow-up emails can be a fantastic strategy in the healthcare sector and beyond!

SEO: This is a long-term strategy that takes time and patience, but has the potential to provide fantastic, lasting results for your mental health clinic. It’s a great option to ensure ROI and an influx of new patients.

Content marketing: Producing enticing content for your website visitors and other leads to enjoy is vital, particularly for mental health clinics. Information pieces on conditions and treatments, blogs about patient stories and interesting news articles will all play their part in keeping your potential clients engaged. 

If you’re not sure where to start with marketing mental health services, get in touch with one of our marketing experts for some personalised guidance. 

Remember to focus on the user journey

While all of these marketing strategies can produce brilliant results, your efforts will all be in vain if you haven’t also paid attention to the user journey on your website! This of course goes hand-in-hand with conversion rate optimisation – making sure all of your landing pages are doing everything they can to direct your potential clients to your contact page. Make sure you look out for the following when doing a user experience audit of your website:

  • A clear navigation: your users need to know how to find the most relevant information – make sure it’s obvious in your navigation and drop-down menus.


  • Trust signals: provide reviews from past patients and let users know who you’re registered with as well as other reasons why they should trust you.


  • Enticing content: make sure everything you’re writing is easy to follow, has clear calls to action and isn’t too confusing – especially if you’re using medical terminology.


how to market mental health services - The Brains

You also need to make sure you’re focusing some of your efforts on design – having a poorly designed website can distract the user from the other engaging elements to the page, such as your calls to action and informational content. Our web design and development experts here at The Brains have had years of experience producing professional, user-friendly sites that make a huge difference when it comes to conversion. When marketing your mental health services, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is easily-navigable, that there are plenty of trust signals and that the overall tone of your content is friendly and reassuring.


The Brains: Helping you market your mental health services

If you’re struggling to understand where to start, let our experts take the reins! Our strategists have had years of experience in both the healthcare sector and other industries, helping clients to find their sweet spot when it comes to marketing tactics. Whether you’re hoping to focus on social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation or paid ads, we can take an analytics approach to find out what is going to work best for your business specifically. Get in touch today for a free consultation where you can learn more about our mental health marketing services.

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