Success for The Brains at the 2021 Digital Growth Awards

Hard work really does pay off! The Brains celebrated some amazing successes last night at The 2021 Digital Growth awards, winning two impressive PPC and social media awards as well as a runner up prize.

June 25, 2021 |

Recognition for our Brains

Companies across the world have certainly had ups and downs during these unprecedented times, but a select few, particularly those in the digital marketing industry, have thrived more than they could have imagined. At The Brains, 2021 has been a key year for growth – expanding our team has allowed us to take on bigger challenges and of course deliver even better results for our clients.

At The 2021 Digital Growth awards, we were recognised for our excellent PPC and social media campaigns with Jeweller Fraser Hart and international courier DHL. We also came runner up for the Best Integrated Small Agency of the Year Award. 

Best PPC Campaign of the Year (B2C) for Fraser Hart

Our partnership with Fraser Hart began just last year, and since then we’ve been working to increase their conversion rates, sales and overall return on ad spend. Over several months researching, developing and running several impressive ad campaigns, we managed to generate a 29.07% increase in conversion rate, a 61.48% increase in overall sales and a 28.01% increase in return on ad spend.

Best Paid Social Media Campaign of the Year for DHL

For DHL, our Paid Social team worked tirelessly to create unique campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram, targeting specific demographics across a number of different countries. After just 6 months, we managed to generate a 7x return on ad spend for the client, and reduced their CPA (cost per acquisition) by 60%.

Paving the way for future success

Our success this year at The 2021 Digital Growth Awards is only the beginning. As a full-service digital agency, we’re always on the lookout for ways to evolve and adapt our services as the industry changes, and month by month we’re growing our team and expanding our expertise across every one of our service offerings. 

Achieving this recognition in the industry allows us to pave the way for further growth and success. By expanding, working hard and putting our Brains together, we’ll deliver even more results-driving campaigns for businesses like yours.

If you’re interested in watching The 2021 Digital Growth Awards virtual ceremony, you can access it here.

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