The Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Agency Services

Some businesses contact digital marketing agencies with a clear view of exactly what they want to accomplish through their marketing efforts, knowing full well how they will work with the agency towards this success. For most, however, it is far less simple.

digital marketing agency services - The Brains
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October 28, 2021
digital marketing agency services - The Brains

Start-up companies or business owners who are fairly unfamiliar with the concept of digital marketing services may come to an agency with a singular goal in mind: increased sales.

A goal this broad will unfortunately have little to no bearing on how a campaign is developed and implemented with a digital marketing agency. While of course it’s important to have ambition, it’s also vital that businesses take this step: becoming more familiar with marketing channels. Since there are so many ways for companies to market their products and services in our ever-expanding digital world, companies with a better view of how each service functions in line with the bigger picture will be able to determine where they will likely see the most success.

With assistance from an experienced digital marketing agency, a combination of several specific marketing channels can be the difference between a failing business and a thriving one. The Brains is a full-service agency, and our experts take a data-based approach when we first begin a partnership with a client, making sure to develop a thorough understanding of the brand, the target prospects and short- and long-term goals. Through this, we can recommend a bespoke strategy combining elements of various marketing channels in which we have built years of expertise.

Discover Digital Marketing Agency Services In Depth

In this blog, we’ll be looking at our digital marketing agency services in detail, so that you as a business owner or marketing manager can build up a greater picture of what each channel could do for your company. Be sure to contact our team directly if you would like more personalised information about any specific service we offer.



  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Marketing & Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
digital marketing agency services - The Brains

Digital Marketing Agency Services: PPC

PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) is a highly effective marketing channel used by businesses the world over. The basic concept is that companies can advertise their products or services across various platforms, only paying if a user clicks through to the page. Therefore, it’s safe to say that PPC in its simplest form can cater to a variety of budgets, so is often utilised by start-ups.

However, to get the most powerful traction from PPC ads, it’s important that businesses use strategic thinking to avoid wasting budget on low-quality leads. But what do we mean by this?


Gaining Valuable Leads From PPC

Getting clicks is not as easy, or as simple, as it sounds, particularly where search engines like Google are concerned. Google is by far the most popular platform for PPC advertisers, but this also makes it the most competitive. To get valuable leads, more needs to be done than simply deciding where to direct your clicks. You’ll need to focus on:

  • Persona mapping: understanding the motives and pain points of your prospects is vital for PPC – in fact, the same can be said across all marketing channels. Looking into specific demographics, and delving deeper into their lifestyles and interests can give you a great insight into what they might be searching for in relation to your product or service.
  • Extensive keyword research: knowing the terms that your personas will be searching for is key when it comes to PPC – but persona mapping alone won’t provide you with all the insights you need. By researching keywords using tools such as SEMrush and analysing terms your competitors are using, you’ll be able to build up a list of potential opportunities.
  • Ad grouping in line with products and / or goals: testing a number of different ad groups with different keywords is a brilliant strategy for PPC if you have the budget for it. It’s usually recommended to create groups of ads in line with specific goals so that you can get a better sense of how each is performing.
  • Persuasive copywriting: no matter how much research you do around your personas and keywords, you’ll get nowhere without well written ads. Both descriptions and headlines of ads need to be directly targeted at your audience, include a CTA and mention one or two USPs that will appeal to that target group. In addition, character limitations need to be kept in mind when writing your copy.
  • Targeted, conversion driving landing pages: consider where your prospects will find themselves after clicking on your ad. If your page isn’t optimised for conversions, you may end up with a high bounce rate instead of increased leads! To ensure you aren’t wasting your PPC budget, spend time optimising your pages before launching your campaigns. A good place to start is making sure you have clear CTAs and contact information available on the page, as well as any other information your prospect could benefit from at a first glance.
  • Reporting metrics: a PPC campaign doesn’t just end once you run out of budget. To get real bang for your buck, you have to set up reporting so that you can learn from mistakes and take advantage of any wins. Ensuring continuous improvement is the key to becoming an industry leader!

How Our Brains Do PPC

We offer a variety of PPC advertising services here at The Brains, and a number of our campaigns have won some prestigious industry awards in recent years. Our data-based approach promises to reward clients with brilliant results in terms of both leads and CPL.

After analysing your brand, your goals and your audience, our experts will recommend how to approach your advertising strategy based on this and other data insights. We can build campaigns on Google, Amazon, YouTube, and also use display ads and retargeting campaigns. In short – whatever your business model and whatever your specific PPC goals, our teams can help you generate incredible ROI and see more relevant, sales-qualified leads flying in.

Digital Marketing Agency Services: SEO

SEO digital marketing agency services can seem extremely complex at a first glance. There are so many ways to approach SEO, as well as numerous SEO myths, bad practices and an ever-changing Google algorithm to keep in mind! However, while it’s a tricky beast to tame, well-managed SEO also provides unmissable marketing opportunities. Practising white hat, honest SEO is a specialty at The Brains, and over the years we’ve learnt how to take advantage of a website’s best assets in order to help companies achieve SEO prowess – while still playing by the rules. As our resident specialist Charly Chow says: “Good SEO isn’t about tricking search engines into ranking you higher. It’s about improving your website with users in mind, and helping search engines to discover your content.”

Types Of SEO Digital Marketing Agency Services

Being at the forefront of digital marketing is what makes The Brains’ SEO practices so successful. As one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies, we understand just how important it is to keep up to date with the latest trends, tactics and tools, while also using and optimising a website to achieve its full potential. Some of our SEO digital marketing agency services include:

  • Website SEO audits: great SEO involves consistent, thorough audits of a site and its performance, from bounce rate to mobile-first optimisation. Our experts can delve deep into a website’s metrics on each individual page, and create an optimisation plan to ensure every inch of the website is designed with the user in mind.
  • Link building & outreach: generating backlinks can work wonders for a website’s authority in the SERPs. As a link building agency, our digital PR and outreach specialists can explore a whole host of opportunities to deploy relevant content that will secure links and boost the visibility of your key conversion pages.
  • International & local SEO: whether you operate locally or internationally, we offer a variety of personalised international SEO services that will ensure you’re making the most out of the key geographical areas that you’re targeting.
  • Local SEO: local SEO tactics are important to rank highly in local searches. This involves Google Business Profile optimisation and can involve location-specific landing pages to target local search. Here at The Brains we also offer local SEO agency services to help you dominate local search rankings.
  • Technical SEO: as part of a website audit, as a technical SEO agency we will identify any technical issues from broken links and imagery issues to 404 errors and bugs. Our teams generate a prioritised list of fixes and ensure your site is performing to the best of its ability!
  • Seo copywriting: SEO-optimised content is vital for any website that wants to appear in the SERPs ahead of its competitors. We specialise in turning generic sales copy into targeted, optimised and enticing content that is specifically tailored to not only your audience, but also your TOV and the type of page you are working on. Visit our SEO content services page to learn more and book a free consultation.
  • SEO consultancy – If you need some guidance on SEO strategy without needing implementation support, you could consider working with our SEO consultants here at The Brains. We can provide an all-done-for-you SEO strategy tailored to your business.

As the digital space becomes increasingly competitive, quality SEO services becomes increasingly necessary. SEO can not only play a role in lead generation and brand awareness, but can also build credibility and assist your users in navigating and making use of your webpages. Old and new businesses alike cannot expect to see year-on-year success if they aren’t prepared to engage in good SEO practices.

How Our Brains Do SEO

There’s no question that SEO is among the most valuable of our digital marketing agency services, and we certainly don’t take it lightly. Customer insights and persona-based marketing help our SEO experts to identify exactly how your website should be functioning in order to generate increased traffic and lead volumes, while our laser-focussed data approach allows us to make continuous improvements based on the performance metrics we manage.

Since the restrictions around SEO are constantly shifting and new best practices are coming into play, we make sure we’re always adapting our strategies to make our client’s websites a best-fit for Google. If you’d like to know more about how we can develop a personalised SEO plan for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

digital marketing agency services - The Brains

Digital Marketing Agency Services: Website Design & Development

Hosting domains have made it easy for almost anyone to build a multi-page website, and as a result, a lot of new businesses are taking design and development into their own hands in order to save on marketing costs. In reality though, while this is a short-term saving solution, as the months go by there’s a very slim chance that these sites will show more impressive results compared to those designed by a professional agency.

Web design is about more than just making things look visually appealing. It’s about being consistent with a brand’s tone and messaging, making information accessible and readable for the user, and of course optimising for conversions. At The Brains, our professional designers and developers take branding to the next level by taking the time to understand your goals from the very beginning moodboard stages until execution. Conversion-driving web design takes time, intense research and money – but done well, the finished product can take your business to new heights.

The Importance Of User Experience

Your website is the face of your brand, and a significant part of driving those conversions is being able to give your prospects a valuable, memorable experience while navigating through it. User Experience (UX) is a term we refer to a lot here at The Brains – it’s something that can play a role at almost every stage of the marketing process.

For web design and development in particular, UX is a giant cog in the wheel. Ensuring that websites have a clear navigation, visible contact information and a simple purchasing journey are just a few of the ways that professional designers can improve UX, but depending on the brand and the product, optimised user journeys can look very different. Quality user experience can lead to:

  • Longer time spent on each page
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased likelihood of contact
  • A more memorable brand / overall experience

How Our Brains Do Web Design & Development

Designers and developers at The Brains have worked on hundreds of beautiful, UX-focussed websites that have delivered outstanding results for clients after launch – but how do we do it? Well, we believe it’s all in the understanding of the core values and mission of a brand. If you can use the design of the website to hone in on the very heart of the brand (and develop a marketing strategy that boosts the impact of the web pages themselves) then you’ll be well on your way to generating impressive ROI.

Our process typically involves:

  • Brand workshopping to determine values, goals and specific design preferences from the client
  • Moodboarding to brainstorm key ideas that will form the basis of the design
  • Templating, with input from the client, as well as content writing or optimisations if required (for more on this, see the following section on Content Marketing & Content Strategy)
  • Staging design, where the templates are built out into a staging version of the website and feedback can be quickly implemented
  • Push to live, where the final product is displayed and you can start seeing results rolling in!

As our Head of Web Development and Design, Yuliya Kostadinova explains, “your website is the face of your brand, which is why it’s so important to represent your business online in its best light.” With guidance from an experienced agency like The Brains, being perceived well by online users is a given. We’ll always strive to provide a memorable experience for any prospects who come to your site, using our data-driven approach and quality testing methods.

Digital Marketing Agency Services: Content Marketing & Content Strategy

“Content is king” – there’s no question about that. But you can’t expect to fly past your competitors in the rankings after creating a few optimised blog posts and some targeted landing pages. When it comes to digital marketing services, content strategy is one of the most valuable things business owners can invest in. Strategists can provide unique insights in terms of what is going to work best for your specific business model, and incorporate this into brilliant content plans to help take advantage of each individual element of your online presence. Content strategy and marketing doesn’t just involve content creation – it’s about advertising online, social media, landing page optimisation and user experience all at once.

How Content Can Bolster A Business

Using content strategically can be a brilliant way to achieve some of your overall business goals, but there are a number of questions you should ask yourself as you start developing the thinking behind your content marketing strategy. Consider how you will manage a regular flow of content, and how you will ensure each piece stays within your brand guidelines. You’ll also need to think about content formats and all the different channel options. Then of course, there’s finding the time internally, or the external resource, to create the actual content. This is where digital marketing services come in. Full service agencies can help businesses not only develop their entire content marketing strategy, but also execute it, run tests and ensure continuous improvement – but why is content so important?

In short, content marketing is important because it can answer the questions of your potential prospects and direct them to your business. Content marketing can also help businesses build relationships and trust with their customers on top of generally improving conversions. And naturally, paired with SEO, content can ensure websites climb up the rankings, with better visibility and potentially ranking blog posts. Here are some of the types of content you might want to consider for your business:

  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Videos or podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks or lead magnets
  • Press releases

Once you’re able to understand which content types will most benefit your audience, you can start using these insights to develop highly-targeted, subject specific content that directly answers the questions that your prospects might be asking. For example, if you sold Mother’s Day gift baskets online, your target customers might be 18-30 year olds. This might suggest you should use social media and advertise on Facebook or Instagram. You might also want to set up a Google ads campaign, looking at keywords such as ‘Mother’s Day gifts’ or ‘gifts for mums’ and directing prospects to a conversion-driving landing page. Maybe you’ll want to create a blog post titled ‘The Best Gift Ideas This Mother’s Day’, or a video explaining how you prepare each gift basket, focussing on USPs, for example if they are handmade or use custom designs. All of these content options could have a huge impact on your business performance online, but knowing where to begin all comes down to data insights.

How Our Brains Do Content Marketing & Content Strategy

At The Brains, our approach to content marketing is inspired by buying psychology. We take a deep dive into how customers feel before, during and after engaging with a piece of content, and use this to ensure we’re always delivering the best and most helpful experience for them. We begin partnerships with clients by conducting in-depth workshops to decipher key personas and potential content channels that will suit these personas. From there, we look at types of content, brainstorming ideas based on keyword research and an audit of any current content if applicable.

Creating content and using it for marketing purposes can be highly beneficial when it’s done well. Using data insights and strategic thinking, our Brains can help businesses across all sectors create irresistible hooks for their prospects, leading them into the conversion funnel and hopefully turning them into loyal customers.

Digital Marketing Agency Services: Social Media Marketing

While social media in itself is a form of content marketing, there are a number of channels and variations that each require their own approach. Our main focuses in terms of channels tend to be Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, but while each of these have their similarities, from a content management perspective they are very different.

  • Facebook: Content on Facebook can be extremely varied. Businesses can post photos and videos of products, share links, request feedback and reviews and interact with customers on a much more personal level. Facebook can be useful for both B2B and B2C, particularly where ads are concerned. Again, there are a number of options for Facebook advertising campaigns, and they can yield great results when set up the right way. For this to happen, persona mapping and targeting fields need to be set up and brilliant ad visuals created to sit alongside irresistible copy!
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is relatively similar to Facebook in terms of the types of content businesses share on the platform – the main shift is likely to be the types of audiences that content is targeting. LinkedIn is primarily B2B focussed, with a lot of companies sharing business insights, industry news and events rather than various details of their products or services. Whether you’re simply using LinkedIn as your business’s primary social platform or you’re looking to generate leads via advertorials, it’s key to ensure you’re in the right space to be utilising valuable resources and budget.
  • Instagram: Unsurprisingly, Instagram is usually best suited to B2C businesses that have concrete products to display. However, many B2B companies still use Instagram to promote services via ads or simply to build a sense of familiarity with their brand. Currently, Instagram Reels are proving to be a useful tool (particularly for startups and small businesses) to get snapshots of content seen by thousands.

The Power Of Short Content In Social Media Marketing

Social media is only becoming more powerful with time. It’s likely that almost all of your prospects will be using social media in some form – but the trick to effective social media marketing is knowing where to find them and understanding how to grab their attention in seconds.

Sometimes in marketing, it’s long form content that can get you far. Blog posts up to 5,000 words are usually the highest traffic generators and convertors. So why in social media marketing is shorter content better? Well, the simple fact is that it’s what people want. SEMrush tells us: “The length of content needs to be right to serve the purpose you are trying to serve and meet the objectives that you have set.” and in the case of social media, the purpose you are trying to serve is to generate interest in your service as someone scrolls through their feed. In order to do this, your content needs to be concise and to the point, your imagery needs to be bold and your CTA’s need to be visible from first glance.

How Our Brains Do Social Media Marketing

Social media is fast becoming one of the most sought after digital marketing agency services, primarily because it just seems to keep on growing. If you’re thinking about starting out (or branching out) in social media for your business, we can help you find your most potentially lucrative channel(s) and craft brilliant lead driving content.

We craft social media calendars for a number of our clients, ensuring they are consistently updating followers and potential customers with new, relevant content no matter what their service or industry. We can also help create your visuals, and schedule your posts, allowing you to focus on other marketing activities, or start thinking about how you can combine social media with content marketing and PPC for optimum results! Paid social is another option for businesses with a slightly bigger budget to attribute to social media. We can help you assess how useful this will be for your business by looking at your short- and long-term goals. With leading content writers and strategists behind your campaign, you can rest assured that high-value leads will be well within reach.

digital marketing agency services - The Brains

Digital Marketing Agency Services: Lead Generation

Lead generation lies at the very heart of digital marketing agency services. As our co-founder Jonathan Lemer says, “lead generation is the life-blood of every business – you get lead generation working effectively, and everything flows from there”. There are a number of different ways to approach lead generation, and when done well, it can generate serious results no matter what your business model or overall goals.

So what is lead generation? Primarily, effective lead generation is about gathering contacts, nurturing them through a sales funnel and transforming them into sales-qualified leads. Usually, this is done through directing prospects to fill out their personal details on an online form, but of course, people generally aren’t going to do that for nothing in return. This is where lead magnets come in. A lead magnet can be anything from an informational brochure to a long-form ebook or guide, as long as it entices your prospects to download. Once prospects have downloaded your asset, you can follow up with a set of emails directing them to other useful content or key landing pages, to keep them engaged and therefore make them more likely to convert. Understanding your audience, and your marketing funnel in general, are key aspects when it comes to getting this right and actually transforming your initial prospects into sales-qualified leads. Agencies offering lead generation services will have the tools and data insights to assist in this preliminary research, and many can also help to structure and produce lead magnets and email nurturing funnels so that they have the best chances of converting.

What Quality Lead Generation Can Mean For Businesses

Like most marketing activities, there’s more to generating leads than first meets the eye. Creating a highly effective lead magnet involves copious amounts of research and sometimes smart design elements to make your asset stand out. Time, dedication and expertise are all required to make a lead generation strategy work – but while there are a number of challenges concerning resourcing, time management, automation and measuring success, the benefits will likely always outweigh these potential pitfalls.

Key benefits to lead generation:

  • More influence: implementing your lead generation strategy across numerous different channels will allow you to have a greater market presence, and in time, more influence over your competitors. Having a system in place for nurturing your leads makes you instantly more memorable.
  • Positive reputation: lead magnets and other lead generation strategies can help you to build more of a brand reputation as well as real reviews that you can share on your website. Adding trust signals will always be a strong move.
  • Increased following: engagement and consistent activity across social channels through lead generation will over time, increase your following and open you to even more business opportunities.
  • Greater revenue: it sounds obvious, but more leads means more revenue. As long as you’re targeting the right people with your content and nurturing them well with relevant emails, you’ll be able to generate a high conversion rate and a low CPL.

How Our Brains Do Lead Generation

At The Brains, we have a unique lead generation formula called Leads On Tap. It combines online ads, marketing automation and content strategy to deliver unbeatable results for our clients, and we’re proud to have used the formula across hundreds of successful campaigns.

As an automated system, L.O.T works in the background as we assist you in creating powerful marketing collateral that is guaranteed to entice your prospects. We will first look into establishing your campaign goals and persona groups, then our strategists and data analysis will determine which route you should take in terms of channels, targeting and content creation, while our content team will help brainstorm ideas and produce the lead magnet assets and nurturing emails.

Digital Marketing Agency Services: Email Marketing

It’s quite fitting to be leading onto email marketing after talking about email nurturing in lead generation, and in many ways the foundations of both services are similar. However, there are two main types of email marketing that it’s important to distinguish between:

Cold/outbound email marketing

Built using bespoke target lists, data-driven campaign strategies and powerful automations, cold emails are used to nurture new prospects and drive them through the conversion funnel. For these emails, it’s important to keep in mind that these people will not have heard of you or your business before, so the information in the copy needs to be informative without being too salesy.

Warm/nurturing re-engagement email

These email campaigns are used to re-engage and re-convert previous clients. These clients may have already purchased from you, or simply shown interest in your services via your website or on your blogs or social profiles. You will be able to set up different targeting groups depending on the insights you have from previous engagement across your channels, but this can all be decided as part of your overall strategy.

How Our Brains Do Email Marketing

We have years of experience helping clients develop cold and warm email campaigns to increase conversion rates and ROI. Our experts know what it takes to conduct sales through email – it’s a delicate balance between providing all the relevant information and opportunities to contact, without sounding spammy, big headed or desperate! Our data and persona insights allow us to ensure we’re targeting those most likely to convert, and we also use A/B testing and careful campaign monitoring to ensure great results every time.

Hopefully this extensive list has given you a clearer view of where you want to make a start with your marketing activities. Whether you’re interested in getting set up with a powerful SEO campaign, redesigning your entire site or looking to brand out across different social channels, The Brains can help. Take a look at our core service pages for more information about each of our digital marketing agency services, or contact us directly for a free consultation and personalised advice.

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