Success Story

A new tiles and baths company receives 52,000 website visitors in their first year of business. Google Ads generated 2260 conversions at a 9.0% conversion rate.


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Average Conversion Rate

Their Story

New Tiles And Baths Showroom Opens In London

When one of our oldest clients decided to launch a new company, he turned to us to head up the digital side of the business. He was looking to diversify from a premium market into a more affordable one and so he wanted to open a showroom where people could buy cheap porcelain tiles in bulk. He understood that the company website would play a big roll in the average customer’s buying behaviour and so he tasked us with driving as many people to the site as possible.

Their Goal

He wanted us to generate interest in the new showroom and the low-priced tiles that they had on offer. His core concern was getting lots of visitors to the website and so we came up with a two pronged strategy to acquire a high volume of relevant visitors, while at the same time driving them to take conversions actions such as submitting a contact form, searching for directions to the showroom or calling the business directly.

The Solution

1) We built a comprehensive search campaign which we used to target people searching specifically for things such as ‘tile showroom’, ‘tile shop’, ‘cheap porcelain tiles’. This aspect of the campaign drove highly relevant traffic to the website and has generated upwards of 1700 leads for the business.

2) We supplemented the search campaign with a display campaign, which is less targeted but has a much wider reach. The purpose of this campaign was to drive high volumes of traffic to the website, which could then be remarketed to in a separate display campaign. People who are already familiar with a brand and a website are often more valuable than completely new visitors and we accounted for this fact in our campaign strategy.

Products Used

Google Search Network

Google Display Network

✓   Expanded Text Ads

✓   Responsive Search Ads

✓   Standard Image Ads

✓   Responsive Image Ads

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