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We built and optimised a high converting Google Paid Search marketing channel to help a London based psychotherapy practice acquire new patients.


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Decrease In Cost Per Lead

Their Story

A Charitable, Training Psychotherapy Practice In London Bridge
The client operates as a charitable foundation and serves as a training centre for psychotherapists. They have created an environment of both training and development while at the same time offering highly affordable psychotherapy services to patients in need of treatment. They rely on a steady and reliable stream of new patient leads to keep their training program running efficiently.

Their Goal

Prior to advertising through Google Ads, the practice relied primarily on client referrals and social media channels such as Facebook. They had achieved limited success but needed an additional acquisition channel to help boost the number of psychotherapy patients visiting their practice. Their goal was to create a sustainable channel that could generate patients leads in a predictable and affordable manner. With our advice, they chose to use Google Ads as a means of placing ads in front of people who were actively searching for psychotherapy treatment and services.

The Solution

1) We outlined the strengths and virtues of Paid Search marketing, which allows a business to place ads in front of people who are actively searching for the service that they offer. Our campaign was to be very highly focused in terms of geography and setup in such a way that our ads would be seen by working professionals who are generally highly stressed.

2) We built a custom paid search landing page to which we would drive potential patients. The landing page was mobile responsive, it gave a clear and concise overview of what the practice had to offer, it featured several strong call to actions (CTAs) and it had an in-built lead form for patients to fill out. Once submitted, a lead notification was sent directly to the client which they then followed up on within a few hours. This strategy resulted in a sharp increase in their number of confirmed patient bookings.

3) Our campaign comprised of a wide variety of different keywords, ranging from quite general (treatment for trauma) to extremely specific (psychotherapist in London) and we refined this list over time. The campaign currently runs on a core set of keywords, and 1 in 10 people who clicked on an ad go on to submit their personal details. We have halved the cost per conversion since launching the campaign and have increase the conversion rate by 180%.

Products Used

Google Search Network

✓   Expanded Text Ads

✓   Responsive Search Ads

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