The Client

Troi is an innovative new Recruitment Service that blends in-house and external recruitment teams into one monthly payment.

The Project

Troi is an alternative solution to a traditional recruitment agency, providing companies with an in-house talent resource on a project basis, where they pay for what they need. This hybrid internal/external recruitment model has the potential to transform the way SMEs hire for their roles. The Brains were tasked with identifying a universe of suitable SMEs to pitch the solution and generate phone call leads for the sales team as fast as possible.

Smartphone 2

The Solution

Email lists were generated according to very specific criteria – the ideal businesses that Troi knew would be receptive to their hybrid model. By isolating these businesses and acquiring the emails of all the relevant individuals, The Brains cold email marketing service helped Troi close a client in the first four weeks, proving a very healthy ROI out the gates. The Brains also helped promote Troi’s live event which registered over 1000 attendees with three weeks’ notice. .

The Result

great email responses

Using the Profile Keyword in LinkedIn to enrich an email list for a Niche target.

profile keywords

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