The Brains FAQ

 All Your Questions About Us, Answered.

The Brains is a digital marketing agency based in the heart of Shoreditch, London. We help businesses to gain leads, grow their client base, and increase revenue. Got a question about us or what we do? Take a look at this handy FAQ.

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What Does The Brains “Do”?

The Brains is a leading London-based digital marketing agency specialising in lead generation for B2B, healthcare and luxury B2C companies. We help you to attract new clients, grow your database, and increase revenue, by creating and running highly targeted campaigns based on our brainy formula for success. We offer a wide variety of online advertising services, including PPC, Paid Social Advertising, Email Marketing, and SEO.

Where is The Brains Based?

Our HQ is based in Shoreditch, London – just five minutes walk away from Liverpool Street Station. We also have a second office in Sofia, Bulgaria, where many of our technically-minded brains and data gurus are based. 

Who Runs The Brains?

The Brains is run by co-founders Larry Kotch and Jonathan Lemer. They started the company over five years ago, to address a pressing need for more targeted, cost-effective, and results-driven digital marketing. Frustrated by their own experiences trying to secure affordable and effective digital marketing services, they founded The Brains to ensure that every small business with a big idea can compete on a global scale for online awareness. You can find out more about our founders and history on the About Us page.

Which Digital Marketing Services Does The Brains Offer?

The Brains is primarily a lead generation agency. That means we focus on helping you to grow your client base by attracting valuable prospects who are highly likely to be interested in your services. We run targeted online advertising campaigns across a range of channels to attract and convert your prospects, and ensure every campaign that we run has clear KPIs tied back to your overall business goals and is fully tracked and measurable.

We also provide a wide range of digital marketing services, including:

  • PPC – Pay Per Click advertising services on Google, Microsoft Advertising Network or Amazon
  • Email Marketing – nurturing campaigns for existing clients, or cold email campaigns that outreach to new prospects (We build our own lists to ensure quality and relevance)
  • Social Advertising – running ads on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram in order to entice and convert your target audience
  • Social Media Management – providing as much or as little support as you need with running your organic social media activity and communities 
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – ensuring that your website is primed to rank on search engine results pages and receive organic traffic via search engines
  • Website Design and Development – creating or redesigning beautiful, conversion-driven websites 

Do You Provide One-Off or Adhoc Marketing Consultancy Sessions?

Yes, absolutely. You can consult with us about any area of your digital marketing or growth strategy. We work with you flexibly for as long or as little as you need.

How Much Does it Cost To Run A Digital Marketing Campaign With The Brains?

This completely depends on your campaign goals, ambitions, and what’s involved with helping you to achieve them. Our smallest monthly service packages typically start at £750 for single-channel marketing work and can range up to £7,000+ for full-service marketing packages and large scale lead generation campaigns. Whatever your budget, we can find a solution that works for both parties.

Are The Brains Currently Hiring?

We often have opportunities available within the company and are growing at a fast pace. The best way to see which jobs are open, is to visit our Careers Page.

What Does “The Brains” Mean?

We named our agency after its central concept, which is to bring a bunch of brainy people together, from all walks of life and marketing disciplines, to inform, inspire and stretch one another so that we can provide amazing results for our clients.

Which Sectors Do You Specialise In?

We mostly work with B2B, healthcare and luxury B2C companies, but our Brains have many, many years of experience working across a huge range of industries, from technology to travel, fashion to SAAS, law, finance and pharma. We don’t turn away an interesting challenge, so regardless of your sector or industry, if you want to work with the best lead generators in the business don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What Does Lead Generation Mean?

As a specialist lead generation agency, The Brains focuses on helping companies to attract prospective new clients (known as “leads”) with compelling, multi-channel campaigns. Lead generation campaigns are tasked with bringing a high volume of exceptional quality leads in through a specific marketing funnel in order to convert these people into loyal clients. Our brainy formula for lead generation is explained in detail on our Leads On Tap page, but it goes a little like this:

What Makes The Brains Different?

We were founded by venture capitalists whose goal was to make marketing work harder and deliver better results. With a combined seventy-nine years of experience in all things digital marketing, our brainy collective are laser-focused on delivering results that other agencies can only dream about. We don’t tie you into long term contracts, and everything we do is tracked, tested, and measured, to ensure you see incredible ROI from working with us.