How Can Google Ads Advance Business Goals?

Over the last 20 years, the world has seen a significant shift in consumer trends, stemming from the growth of the internet. From monitoring your customer’s browsing and shopping habits, to increasing the visibility of your brick-and-mortar store, the world wide web offers a plethora of innovative solutions for business. In this post, we’ll be looking specifically at the role Google Ads has played in this transformative era, and how you can use it to advance your business goals.

what is an seo consultant - The Brains
what is an seo consultant - The Brains

When we think of the internet, we think of one key player: Google. The tech giant offers a multitude of services to support businesses, but one stands out from the rest for generating immediate results.

That of course, is the beloved Google Ads. This service offers an innovative, fast-paced solution for businesses who need help getting their products directly in front of their target customers, providing the potential for big wins – left, right and centre. In 2022, using Google Ads with the support of an experienced PPC agency means industry domination is definitely on the cards. So, what’s stopping you?

In this article, we’ll be covering:

  • How Google Ads can advance your business goals
  • How Google Ads can build awareness of your brand
  • How Google Ads can increase online, in-app and over the phone sales
  • The Google Ads factor in customer consideration
  • The power Google Ads has on online marketing

How Google Ads can advance your business goals

One goal every business owner has is to take their company to the next level, and marketing offers the ability to make it happen. But the question remains: which first step will be the most profitable? Well, there are several methods in marketing that can improve the performance of an organisation. SEO can help to improve the organic performance of a website in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and social media marketing allows your business to connect with your target audience. These channels are exceptionally useful if you have one particular goal in mind.

Google Ads, on the other hand, offers a gold-plated opportunity to focus on multiple goals – for example, increasing brand awareness and generating leads. But, there’s more to it than that.

To succeed in increasing exposure, enhancing lead volumes and improving the performance of your business overall, you need more than just a goal and a marketing budget. 

Achieving tangible results you can really shout about will take strategic thinking, data and learnings in equal measure. As a multibillion-pound organisation with over 250 million daily users, Google can provide insights into such areas as spending habits, buyer psychology and customer demographics. This gives you incredible potential when it comes to reach, and also allows you to test and monitor your campaign performance to make sure yours is as well-optimised as it possibly can be.

With a variety of Google Ads campaigns and strategies available, there are several ways in which you can show potential customers what you offer, and how you offer it.

Through implementing a strategic Google Ads strategy, you can help your business in a number of areas including driving engagement, boosting sales and influencing customer’s perceptions of your product or service. By tailoring your Google Ads to your specific business goals, you’ll increase traffic and conversions, helping you hit your KPIs in record time.

How Google Ads can build awareness of your brand

Brand awareness campaigns can be defined as increasing a consumer’s familiarity with a product or brand; encouraging them to favour one brand over another. This is true for both online and offline marketing practices.

When using Google Ads, you’ll have the tools to display your brand and message across a range of Google services. This includes Google Search results, Google websites, YouTube, and Gmail, to name just a few. When ads run through Google, they are displayed across desktop and mobile, giving your brand and product the very best chance of generating the exposure it needs to build authority and trust. In this way, utilisation of Google Ads will increase your online presence in a variety of key locations online.

By implementing a targeted Google Ads strategy, you’ll generate increased exposure of your business and brand, increasing familiarity with your targeted consumer. This means that as your customer continues merrily down the sales funnel, when it comes to decision-making time, there is an increased chance they will make a purchase – purely on the basis of knowing your name.

Improving brand awareness is paramount when growing your business. Through the implementation of brand engagement campaigns, you’ll not only improve brand awareness, you’ll also gain access to stellar tools and specialist methods designed to take your business further.

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How Google Ads can increase online, in-app and over the phone sales

If you’re seeking online sales gains, Google Ads is an incredibly powerful marketing channel. Used efficiently, it can help advance your business goals and take your company to new, interstellar heights.

Google Ads gives business owners and marketers the opportunity to drive online sales by providing data about consumer habits, which allows you to tailor and target ads to appeal specifically to those users’ motivations, needs and deep desires – and if you do that, you’ll be offering a meaningful solution to your target dempgraphic.

If you’re a newbie e-Commerce brand looking to target new users of your product, you can use Google Ads data to assess who the best customer is for your product.

When implementing an ad campaign, every time your prospective customer sees your ad, it reinforces your authority in that space. The more your prospective customer sees your brand, the greater the chances that when they come to make a purchase, they come straight to you.

This strategy is replicated for in-app sales, too. Google has a user database numbering somewhere in the billions, meaning they have the information to generate seriously incisive audience insights. This can include in-app spending habits, time spent shopping, and aspects such as age, gender, and demographic. It is this data that helps Google Ads users create killer strategies.

In the first quarter of 2022 alone, app downloads exceeded 36 billion. This provides Google a far-reaching platform to display a plethora of various ads.

Thinking about the ways ads are displayed in mobile, we must consider the ad design, and how engaging it is. Google Ads displayed on a mobile, when the ad was originally intended for the web, are often scaled insufficiently. They are hugely unappealing to smartphone users, and this will significantly reduce engagement.

In contrast, using in-app ads that are intentionally scaled for optimum mobile performance not only look better, they also improve overall engagement. Google Ads adjusts to the platform they are displayed on, meaning they are designed with the end user in mind.

Moreover, Google Ads is having a growing influence on improving the online exposure of service businesses. With Google Ads, you can drive over the phone sales by including clickable links to numbers directly in the ad within search.

Google cannot wave a magic wand that automatically converts your traffic to customers, but it does provide the necessary tools to make it happen, effectively simplifying and streamlining the ways your audience interacts with your business. If it’s your business goal to drive sales – and let’s face it, it probably should be – using Google Ads is effective in driving not only online and in app sales, but over the phone sales too. Did someone say, big wins?

The Google Ads factor in customer consideration

As well as increasing brand awareness and driving sales, Google Ads is famous for influencing customers’ consideration of products. Google has an extensive collection of data that can effectively steer user decisions, whether they’re browsing for products or just scrolling the evening away.

If you’re a business owner with a new product, Google allows you to strategically show your ads to users who are actively browsing, researching and comparing other products that you offer. By implementing this strategy, you can more precisely target those users in the mood to buy.

If advancing your business goals includes seeking an increase in sales, this is a sure-fire pathway to yielding a serious uptick in those figures, by putting your ads in front of customers who are already ready to buy.

The power Google Ads has on online marketing

Google advertising offers a multitude of benefits to help businesses advance their goals.

As we saw earlier, brand awareness is key to gaining trust and generating authority in your sector. It is paramount that, as a business or brand offering a product or service, customers recognise you as the thought leader in your space.

Beyond that, whether it’s increasing sales or influencing customer consideration, Google Ads offers significant advantages when you are looking to advance business goals. The tool provides a digital marketing kaleidoscope of solutions for businesses, regardless of their services or sector.

To find out how your Google Ads strategy could benefit by getting some creative Brains on board, get in touch with Brainy HQ today.

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what is an seo consultant - The Brains
what is an seo consultant - The Brains
what is an seo consultant - The Brains
what is an seo consultant - The Brains
what is an seo consultant - The Brains
what is an seo consultant - The Brains