Success Story

Hiring the best Graduates for the UKs fastest green energy supplier using Facebook Single Image, Video and Carousel Ads. 10 candidates placed per month with a decrease in cost per candidate by 75%.

1 in 5

candidates placed

75% Lower cost

per applicant

Their Story

Energy Fit for the Future

In 2018 they became the only supplier of electricity using only green or sustainable energy sources. Their commitment to Transparency and transitioning to electric vehicles have been widely acclaimed in the industry.

Their Goal

To support their incredibly fast growth they needed a constant stream of new and qualified graduates joining the company. They also had less locations than other players so needed location specific people to apply. Along with that as a new supplier they obviously needed to maintain a great Employer Brand and increased general awareness.

The Solution

The company put a huge premium on people that aligned with their mission. For that reason, it was important to target prospective job candidates not only by University, location and age but also by a demonstrated interest in ‘Green issues.’ Since young people are often distracted on Social Media, the Paid Social team used a type of Ad called a Lead Form Ad which allowed applicants to submit all their contact information if interested in the role. This massively increased the number of applicants and their information was stored in a CRM with automatic emails with further details emailed including well designed pdf job and company culture packs.


The paid social team monitored the ads as the campaign progressed, improving performance by switching off the ads that were not performing well and focusing on the best-performing ad creative known as Multivariate split testing. It took over 30 Ad variations to find the winning combination of Messaging, Ad creative and engagement rates.

The Results

These activities helped the Client to successfully develop brand awareness amongst new segments of their market.

Products Used

Single Image Ads

Carousel Ads

Lead Form Ads

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