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The Brains is a specialist search engine optimisation (SEO) agency dedicated to helping law firms reach the top of Google organic search results and stay there. We deliver incredible results using the right combination of on-page, off-page and technical SEO techniques.

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Generate New Clients Through Digital Channels.

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COVID-19 is rapidly changing the way many professional service firms win new business. We can help you grow market share through smart online advertising campaigns that enable you to build relationships with prospects in much the same way as you would at a networking event, only virtually. 

Our law firm marketing experts will help you generate new client enquiries & engagements cost-effectively. We’ll work with you to implement a marketing strategy for your most profitable & popular services targeted at people who are currently seeking advice in those exact areas.

How We Work With You

The first step is to understand your firm’s lead generation KPI’s. In other words, how many leads you want per month and for what services. We then get to work executing a marketing strategy to deliver an those targets, providing you with an unlimited supply of high-quality enquires without you having to lift a finger.

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Our SEO Services For Law Firms 

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The quality of your website content is the single biggest contributing factor to your Firm’s success or failure online. Our content specialists know how to optimise your content for website visitors and ensure it’s easy to find and index for search engines too. We have specialist legal content writers and UX architects on hand to help you attract, convert & retain clients.

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Building an audience for your Practice will require expert link building and digital PR. The Brains craft clever content strategies that encourage high quality websites to link back to you and share your services with their followers and fans. We carefully review the quality of all potential placements and safeguard your backlink profile with industry-leading link building strategies. 

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There’s really no point in having great content on your website if the pages won’t load properly. . Technical SEO involves the careful optimisation of your website’s structure, from the way your URLs are built, to the processes you’re using to deliver functionality. Our technical SEO experts have many years of experience in enhancing the security, crawlability and speed of professional service websites.

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  • Law firms typically see a 45% increase in lead volume after working with us for 3 months
  • On average, our ads deliver a 5x Return on Investment for professional service firms
  • Our clients often increase their retention rates by more than 20%, meaning they can grow rapidly whilst still cutting unnecessary marketing costs
  • We collaborate flexibly and won’t tie you in – work with us for as long as you want to

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law firm seo - The Brains
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law firm seo - The Brains