The Project

The company was looking for new leads from small and boutique hotel chains in the UK. The Sales team wanted to talk directly with General Managers at these hotels in order to pitch their attractive TV and WIFI packages designed specifically for their premises.

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The Solution

The Brains were able to generate a list of general managers in the UK at hotels of the desired size. The prospects were further separated by hotel size and locations around the UK. These prospects were emailed over several months along three separate campaigns, each containing 6 email chains in order to test the correct messaging and targeting.

The Result

After the three-month trial one campaign delivered an average of 1% ‘Immediate interest’ leads. This meant an average of 20 leads for every 2000 emails sent each month. The Client also learned what content had the best Open rates and response rates which has helped them refine other marketing initiatives and sales material.

The Decision making level trumps the prospects function in smaller businesses

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