The Client

The client is a leading business loan broker – a free marketplace for business finance and is one of the biggest independent players in the UK.

The Project

The client had run PPC in house for years, but wanted a fresh approach to help scale activity efficiently.

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The Solution

A complete restructure of the account to lessen reliance its complete reliance on Broad and Phrase match traffic, and increase ad relevancy through a more granular campaign and one-keyword-per-ad-group setup. Following the restructure, we had replaced 1,155 keywords within the old campaigns with 5,365 keywords – each with uniquely optimised ad copy to maximise Quality Score.

The Result

A 45% increase in conversion rate from 1 March – 31 May 2018 compared to the same dates in 2017 for the client’s core business loans campaigns. 58% of spend coming through Exact match in the new structure for the same period, vs no Exact match traffic the previous year.

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