The Client

Renew Britain is a new party looking to bring a fresh face to Britain’s political landscape

The Project

Renew were looking for a way to attract parliamentary candidates and volunteers to join their party. They needed a way to drive signups and to get people from all around the United Kingdom excited about what the Party has to offer.

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The Solution

Our first action was to develop a website for the party that was structured to make it easy for individuals to navigate and sign-up. We then created an integrated social media campaign across both Facebook and LinkedIn to drive potential candidates, volunteers & donors to the website signup page. We used very specific targeting to find the right people and made constant adjustments to both campaigns to try and achieve the lowest cost per acquisition possible.

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The Result

We exceeded KPIs for candidate acquisition by 140% and our ‘growth hacking’ approach to marketing, led the embryonic party to receive press coverage from major papers and firmly establish themselves on the scene.

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A ha moment

Month 1 – 167 candidates

Month 2 – 116 candidates

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