Success Story

An 89% increase in eCommerce conversion rate for a luxury sheets and bedding retailer over a 5-month period. This was achieved through an integrated use of Google’s search, display and shopping networks.




Value Of Transactions

Their Story

Luxury Sheets And Bedding Brand Enters The Market

In an attempt to combat brands who sell low quality sheets at high prices, our client developed a new business model which removed all the middle men from the supply chain. Their sheets are of a much higher quality but are available at prices very similar to other retailers. They wanted to go to market with this unique value proposition and decided to use both Google and Facebook to do so.

Their Goal

They wanted to differentiate their product offering from other retailers and wanted to push their message of sustainability and comfort as much as possible. They wanted to drive sales by positioning themselves as the environmentally friendly and sustainable option and wanted to promote this message across every potential customer touch point.

The Solution

1) We used the Google search network as the primary traffic driver to the website. Our ad copy repeated their message about sustainability and drove people to a web page which re-iterated the message. We used RSLA campaigns to retarget these same visitors a second time with different messaging that offered them a 10% discount which would be automatically applied on checkout.

2) We built a dynamic remarketing campaign on the Google display network which placed the very same products that people had viewed on the website in front of them a second time. We also ran direct display campaigns which targeted both affinity and in-market audiences, who we felt were the most likely to convert after being exposed to our ads over a sustained period of time.

3) We built a comprehensive Google Shopping campaign, which placed our ads in front of potential customers when they were using the shopping network. Our ad copy re-iterated the message put out across the other two channels and generated a high volume of sales at a very good cost per acquisition.

Products Used

Google Search Network

Google Display Network

Google Shopping Network

✓   Expanded Text Ads

✓   Responsive Search Ads

✓   Standard Image Ads

✓   Responsive Image Ads

✓   Standard Shopping Ads

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