corporate finance case study

The Client:

The Client is a full service corporate finance and strategy consulting firm specialising in the telecoms, media and technology sectors.

The Project:

The Client had already had the website designed by another designer and wanted to develop the website on WordPress to the exact pixel perfect designs. The Client had an event the next month and was keen to expedite the process.

The Solution:

The Brains was able to translate the Clients design into a workable WordPress framework. This way the Client was able to get the website based on the designs they already had but also all the SEO and responsiveness benefits afforded by WordPress. The Brains conducted several feedback sessions with the Client’s designer to make sure her designs had come to life as intended.

mockup 3 export corporate

WordPress is so versatile, it’s hard to find a theme that can’t fit even a custom design.

case study example website 6
case study example website 4

The Result:

A beautiful, responsive, SEO friendly website in 6 weeks from start to finish, a perfect online presence with which to win new business.

case study map
corporate finance example website

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