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Our marketing specialists will help you to:

  • Increase new bookings
  • Reduce advertising spend
  • Improve retention rates 
  • Market online services
  • Link your marketing spend to actual results…typically a source of huge frustration for many practices!

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Our lead generation campaigns start from just £750/month.

Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains

The Brains is a healthcare marketing agency that specialises in lead generation for chiropractor and physiotherapy clinics. 

Our marketing experts will help you generate new patient bookings & enquiries cost-effectively. We’ll work with you to implement a marketing strategy for your most profitable & popular treatments targeted directly to your local audience

We’ll also ensure existing and potential patients are well-informed about your COVID-19 safety procedures. 

How We Work With You

The first step is to understand your clinic’s lead generation KPI’s. In other words, how many patient bookings you want per month and for what services. We then get to work executing a marketing strategy to deliver an those targets, providing you with an unlimited supply of high-quality enquires without you having to lift a finger.


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Recommended channels for Private Clinics

Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains

Google Ads

Google Ads are often the most effective way of acquiring new clients – fast. Whether you’re building your first campaign or looking to improve an existing account, we can help you use Google to quickly develop a reliable source of new patient bookings

Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains

Social Ads

We use Facebook and Instagram marketing to grow your brand awareness and help you reach new audiences. We target ads towards people most likely to use your services and optimise all parts of the funnel to maximise your returns

Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains

Email Marketing

 Many practices miss out on significant revenue by failing to retain patients or re-engage prospects. By running email nurturing campaigns to your database we can help you build better relationships, demonstrate your credentials and market new offerings

Our Clients

Why Choose The Brains?

  • Private clinics typically see a 45% increase in lead volume after working with us for 6 months
  • On average, our ads deliver a 4x Return on Investment for clinics and practices
  • Our clients often increase their retention rates by more than 20%, meaning they can grow rapidly whilst still cutting unnecessary marketing costs
  • We collaborate flexibly and won’t tie you in – work with us for as long as you want to

Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains

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Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains
Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains
Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains
Digital marketing for chiropractors - The Brains

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